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Windsurf Kids Clinics

March 31, 2009

Kids Windsurf Paradise

Bonaire – Jibe City is pleased to offer their spectacular  Kids Clinics for the Spring,  Summer and Fall season.

The clinics are offered to children 7-17 years of age. Beginners and intermediate instruction is offered by Jibe City’s teaching staff. Bonaire’s Lac Bay is a protected area with shallow and crystal clear water. The winds are onshore and the water is a comfortable temperature. Some say Lac Bay is the best place in the world to learn. This is the home of the famous Bonaire Sailing Team.  Come learn to windsurf or if you are already a windsurfer hone your skills and take it to the next level.

The clinics include:

3x morning windsurf lessons under supervision of professional instructors

All windsurf equipment for 3 mornings

Jibe City surf shirt

Stinapa Nature fee tag

Lunch at the Hang Out bar


Clinic 1:           April 08 – 10- FULL

Clinic 2:           April 27 – 29

Clinic 3:           July 06 – 08

Clinic 4:           July 13 – 15 (freestyle only)

Clinic 5:           July 20 – 22

Clinic 6:           July 27 – 29

Clinic 7:           August 03 – 05

Clinic 8:           October 19 – 21

Time:               09.30 – 13.30

Price:   US$ 200.00 -per child

Contact: Dirk-Jan Methorst at Jibe City via  email: Ann Phelan at  Ann is also offering special accommodation packages with Kontiki so call now and ask for the Bonaire Bliss Kontiki Promotion.

Bonaire to Curacao Challenge

March 31, 2009

Bonaire – Bonaire windsurf pro, Elton “Taty” Frans raced from Bonaire to Curacao on March 29. He successfully beat the previous record of 4 hours by arriving in Jan Thiel 2 hours and 15 minutes after departing BOPEC in Bonaire. Taty was racing to raise money for Erwin Muller, a dive master and the 4 hour record holder for the sail from Bonaire to Curacao almost twenty years ago. Muller suffered a massive stroke in Jan. and has been in Curacao for medical treatment. Erwin needs rehab and home modifications all very costly. Because Erwin is a former windsurfer it made sense to have a windsurf fundraiser. Spearheaded by many including Elvis Martinus the race occurred March 28. Taty had dreamed of sailing between the two islands. No stranger to long distance events, Taty circumnavigated Bonaire last year. For this fundraiser challenge he sailed his 7.6 Maui Sail and his 122 liter Starboard Isonic Board. He left early in the morning from the northern tip of Bonaire.under 15-20 knot winds. The waves were 2.5-3.0 meters at times. A small flotilla of support boats assisted Taty. Taty met a hero’s welcome in Curacao including a guest appearance by Prime Minister Mrs. De Jongh- Elhage and his friend, Erwin Muller. It was a grande finale to support a fellow man of the sea, Muller. The race could not have happened without the support of Habitat Bonaire, Plaza Resort/Toucan Dive Bonaire, Bistro de Paris, Ivo and many friends on the boats, Michael and Miguel Obersi, Elvis Martinus and the entire windsurf community in Bonaire and Curacao. Taty is sponsored by Bonaire Windsurf Place, MauiSails, Starboard and Choco Fins

Taty Frans

Donkey Safari

March 29, 2009

My friends the Craigs and Barlass’s went to the Donkey Sanctuary for a Safari. It’s a long video but take a peak. What a riot!

Video Courtesy of Shelly Craig.

Support the Donkey Sanctuary!

What I do on a non windy day

March 28, 2009


Most of you know I only sail when I can use my 4.2 or 4.7. I am a wind snob perhaps but truly love to work in the garden, explore the island and of course work.  It’s windsurf paradise for sure but I tend to prefer to do other activities unless it is howling.

Fishing Fleet Lac Bay

Fishing Fleet Lac Bay

Here are some beach scenes from last Sat. when I was at Lac Bay celebrating my friend John Mark’s birthday. He brought down his Aquaskipper for the local kids to try. I also saw some lovely boats and was enraptured by the calm of the day……these photos reflects the tranquil side of Bonaire.

The Aquaskipper Set Up

The Aquaskipper Set Up

Summer Family Fun in Bonaire

March 24, 2009

July is a perfect time to head to Bonaire for your well deserved dive holiday. Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations caters to families offering a selection of villas, condos and cottages. Kids may participate in a learn to dive program or enjoy a Kids Camp where they may windsurf, snorkel and swim. Adults may enjoy their dive holiday knowing their children are having the time of their life.

Our services include land packages, free Concierge and nanny services day and night.

Dive package are with Dive Friends/Yellow Submarine. We have a myriad of accommodation choices to fit your budget. Email

Kids Camps July 4-11 and 18-25. Other dates upon request.


Ann Phelan
Caribbean Specialist

800-219-0118 US Toll FreeBlue Fish Dreaming In Bonaire

Pro Kids Slalom Worlds

March 24, 2009

Pro Kids Worlds

Bonaire has a long seafaring history. This Dutch Caribbean island is situated 70 miles from Aruba, 30 miles from Curacao and about 50 miles from Venezuela. The island enjoys year round trade winds and is out of the hurricane belt making it a lovely year round sailing and watersports destination. Locals have fished the waters for hundreds of years sustaining their lives living off of the sea. Boat builders still live on island preserving their lifestyle and culture crafting and maintaining their traditional Bonairean boats. About 20 years ago a few locals took to the water on different sea vessels. The first windsurf board may have been brought to the island thanks to a Dutch sailor. He lent the board to an Antillean fisherman, Erwin Muller. The rage caught on and others became windsurfers. These sailors included Elvis Martinus, Ernst Van Vliet, Bob Meldebom and Constantine Saragoza to name a few. They sailed offshore at the former Sunset Beach Hotel. There were races to Curacao and even a few hardy souls windsurfed to Venezuela. Since the advent of windsurfing on this island of 14,000 people windsurfing is now big. The island is proud of their pro windsurfers who travel the world to compete and represent Bonaire. The island hosted several PWA windsurfing events in recent years. The island has also been the site for the Annual Starboard Pro Kids Worlds held each summer. As the sport grows and expands it makes sense to bring slalom windsurf racing back to Bonaire. Bonaire is proud to welcome the IFCA slalom Pro Kids Junior Worlds and Youth and Masters World Championships. The event will be held on Sorobon Beach, Bonaire from 12th to 18th July 2009. The island is proud to add slalom racing to its annual event. Bonaire offers perfect race conditions with water temperatures in the low 80’s. Lac Bay is a protected area affording all racers safe and challenging courses. Bonaire has great pride for the unofficial national sport, windsurfing. The entire island warmly welcomes freestyle and slalom competitors in July.

Video Courtesy of Dasher

To book a trip to this event or to compete contact

Pro Kids and Government Officials-photo shoot

ABK Boardsports Soldier

March 13, 2009


Robert Mallin is a soldier. His hands are a testament to his hard work participating in the March 9 ABK Boardsports Clinic in Bonaire. Robert, one of my annual repeaters and his better half Debbie came once again to our idyllic island. Debbie is taking her first clinic and getting on the board for the first time. On day one she said ta heck with uphauling and proceeded to learn to beach start. This could only happen at an ABK Camp, trust me. No one beach starts day 1 of sailing…she is a star. Robert, a die hard sailor was out working the water under Andy and team’s tutalage. Yesterday Robert sent me these photos of his hands. Good work Robert..toughen up those callouses…super glue the blister..carry on.

The March 16th clinic has space so if you want to learn to shred, hone your skills or take it a step up, email Derrek, Matt and newbie Brendan are in the house to assist Andy. All skills levels welcome.

Carry on  Robert. See ya at City Cafe tonight to put some callouses on your feet?

Photo Courtesy of Robert Mallin and Debbie Gibb

Nuking Power Sesh and a Board Demo

March 7, 2009

A front came across the Caribbean bringing strong swell to the Eastern Caribbean and for Bonaire, HOWLING winds. I woke at 7 AM to my windows rattling. I got all anxious grabbing my gear and tossing in the back of my rental truck (my Toyota Starlet recently died a sad death but that’s another story). Off I went by 8 AM. I noticed the bottom of my Angulo Chango had 3 punctures. DAMN. Now what…well I decided it was the perfect time to demo one of Dj’s new Tabous that he has in his Jibe City rental pool. He has one 86 L 3 S. Man, I was excited to try this board. I grabbed my 4.2 Gun sail and was off…the winds were howling and the chop in the bay pretty chunky. Off I went..WOW, what a sweet board. Apparently Cinda Sebastian, who spent 7 weeks on island hijacked it for her duration so everyone told me her vibes were imbedded into the soul of the board. I felt blonde and wild and took some decent air on a few ramps. Most times I could barely hold on. I tried a few jibes and each time was blown out of the water. A 3.3 would have sufficed. The winds are NE and strong. Few sailors were on the water. The ones that were, were hard core. Back to my board demo. I want this board, I need this board. I told DJ he has to get more as this 86 will be in demand in the days to come.

Sugar Thieves and a Peak in Back at the Wind

March 3, 2009

I am blessed with some amazing clients who come back year after year to Bonaire. Two of my special friends are Eduardo and Mirtha.  They are muy sympatico and truly wonderful people. They recently sent me this video taken on one of their trips to Kontiki. Being a bird lover I was entralled to watch the “sugar thieves”  but even greater is the background nuke session..take a peak at the sailors cruising on our lovely bay. A tranquil and also a way cool video. Thanks Eduardo and Mirtha. Contact Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations to book your special escape to Kontiki.

Video courtesy of Mirtha Hess