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ABK Boardsports Soldier

March 13, 2009


Robert Mallin is a soldier. His hands are a testament to his hard work participating in the March 9 ABK Boardsports Clinic in Bonaire. Robert, one of my annual repeaters and his better half Debbie came once again to our idyllic island. Debbie is taking her first clinic and getting on the board for the first time. On day one she said ta heck with uphauling and proceeded to learn to beach start. This could only happen at an ABK Camp, trust me. No one beach starts day 1 of sailing…she is a star. Robert, a die hard sailor was out working the water under Andy and team’s tutalage. Yesterday Robert sent me these photos of his hands. Good work Robert..toughen up those callouses…super glue the blister..carry on.

The March 16th clinic has space so if you want to learn to shred, hone your skills or take it a step up, email Derrek, Matt and newbie Brendan are in the house to assist Andy. All skills levels welcome.

Carry on  Robert. See ya at City Cafe tonight to put some callouses on your feet?

Photo Courtesy of Robert Mallin and Debbie Gibb