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Day of Gratitude

October 8, 2015


Nov. 22, 2016

Set aside the date for a healing and nurturing retreat at The Earthship, hosted by Ann Phelan. This afternoon celebration will focus on gratitude. We will immerse ourselves in mindful meditation. Go into the silence and learn the simplest way to enhance your overall well-being.

We will experience a wonderful yoga session to support your practice. Special guests are Laura Yoga and Lolymar Sanchez

Our next process is learning how to explore gratitude in your life. Reap the rewards the universe offers by simple practice daily. We will learn how to manifest our desires and goals through our gratitude and develop individual vision boards.  A vision board is a powerful visual tool. Ann will share her experiences using vision boards. Creating a vision board can help you conceptualize your goals and can serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.

We will close the ceremony with a Matcha Tea. This lovely beverage has many healing properties.

Loly has generously donated her healing Earthship for this retreat.

Meditation 20 minutes
Yoga- Pranayam and Nidra / special session 60 minutes
GratitudeTalk – interactive 20 minutes
Vision Board – 45 minutes
Matcha Tea and Closing  – 25 minutes

55.00 PP (45.00 if 10 or more participate)

*Local Rate Available

Group and Children are Discounted- email


Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

Mindful Meditation

October 8, 2015

Mindfulness Meditation Training

Enter the silence as you learn the art of Mindful Meditation. This practice can enhance your overall wellbeing, decreasing stress, improving social relationships, work performance and increased immune system performance. Your session includes an interview and assessment of your life spaces. An overview of Mindfulness will be presented and then you will have two guided session. The total training is 2 hours.  There is a seated meditation, walking and eating meditation. Group discounts of 3 or more apply.The session can be held at your home or at the beach.

Your training is led by Ann Phelan, an experienced counselor trained in Mindfulness.

2015 Training Schedule

Nov. 24, 25

Dec. 19th and 20th

Ann Phelan- 786 3134

Prices are 40.00 for an individual 2 hour session with a 30 minute follow up.

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ABK Windsurf Camp and Gear Alert

October 1, 2015

It’s time to consider your winter windsurf getaway. I have such gratitude for my repeat windsurf following. It is a pleasure to welcome all of my clients back.


To create a comfortable and satisfying windsurf experience. Jibe City and ABK have adjusted their schedules and rentals. As a result, there is a 20 person maximum for all ABK Boardsport clinics and a structured rental plan to avoid over crowding for rentals. Book soon so your camp spot is reserved. As always, I offer repeater packages.

Jan. 25

Feb. 1, 22,29

March 14, 21, 28

Contact Ann at for details.  Mention Bonaire Bliss for added bonus incentives including bar credits at Wil’s Tropical Grille.