Travel Bliss

In November 2018, I took a leap of faith and followed a new pathway, selling my beautiful Bonaire home and leaving the island. Having spend 18 years on island and 15 years in the home my daughter and I designed and built was not easy decision. Many sleepless nights were spent weighing the pros and cons. In the end, I let go of the attachment to a property and followed my belief that everything,  and I do mean everything, always works out for me and I knew, I could not get this decision wrong.   Nov. 24th, as I closed the door and drove away, I did not look back.  This is what I know; I manifested that home and that Caribbean life and I can manifest anything else I desire.  So, to that end, it is my complete desire to follow my bliss and allow the next pathway. My goals are to see the world, immerse myself in diverse cultures, savour delicious foods and meet new friends.


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