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What To Do In Bonaire

January 17, 2013

Most travelers heading to Bonaire are in search of the wind or sea. Best known as Diver’s Paradise, Bonaire boasts having more than 80 shore dive site and over 50 snorkel sites. Bonaire is also known as the windsurf Mecca due to the steady onshore trade winds, gin clear water and flat water. For those preferring activities on land, there are a plethora of other activities.

Bird watching is a big attraction on Bonaire. Jerry Ligon, an island-based naturalist can take you on guided tours to see the Bonairean Parrot, Flamingos, Trupials, Yellow Shouldered Parakeets and the Yellow Billed Cuckoo. I have been on several bird watching tours with Jerry and always am amazed and in awe.

Hikers will be thrilled with the diverse options. One such hike, Ruta Dos Pos, takes you through the wild countryside of Bonaire on well marked trails. The trail is for intermediate hikers and takes 1-1.5 hours. The trail takes you past a fruit plantation, Dos Pos–the local water source for neighboring farmers, and a myriad of animal life. If you are quiet, you will catch a glimpse of the wild pigs locally known as porko di mondi. See Watapana trees, a massive Tamarind tree, and some amazing rocks and geological formations. Cactus is plentiful with many varieties seen on this hike. In the distance near the peak you may see Lake Goto. Listen to the songs of the small chuchubi bird or the squawking prikichi.

Rooi Lamoenchi

Rooi Lamoenchi

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacation offers eco tour planning, dive and windsurf packages and free concierge services for their discerning clients. Email to plan your Bonaire escape. Ann often hosts Dos Pos walks and power walks up to Sera Largu. Ask for details.

Sugar Thieves and a Peak in Back at the Wind

March 3, 2009

I am blessed with some amazing clients who come back year after year to Bonaire. Two of my special friends are Eduardo and Mirtha.  They are muy sympatico and truly wonderful people. They recently sent me this video taken on one of their trips to Kontiki. Being a bird lover I was entralled to watch the “sugar thieves”  but even greater is the background nuke session..take a peak at the sailors cruising on our lovely bay. A tranquil and also a way cool video. Thanks Eduardo and Mirtha. Contact Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations to book your special escape to Kontiki.

Video courtesy of Mirtha Hess