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Caesar Freestyle Wiz

January 31, 2010

Photo By Carole Hibdige

The following photo essay is from Carol Hibdige of New Forest. She lives part of the year in Bonaire with her windsurf family, husband Trevor, a speed freak (as in using his GPS), musical freestyle talent and youngest son, Nic and handsome and also very fast sailor, Sam. They own Lac Bay Villa, one of Bonaire’s best windsurf getaways. The villa offers pristine views of the bay and is a windsurfer’s dream. I am lucky to call the Hibdiges friends and have enjoyed many a dinners at the villa. You may book this villa by contacting Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations or calling 800-219-0118 US.

Carole’s photo essay is of Caesar Finies, one of Bonaire’s best talents. His specialty is light wind freestyle. Enjoy!

Photo By Carole Hibdige

Villa Trepanier

January 30, 2010

Bonaire-Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is proud to unveil their latest property, a lovely oceanfront villa on Playa Lechi. This spectacular 3 bedroom 2 bath villa offers a luxurious yet restful escape with stunning views of the sea and Klein Bonaire. Located on the seaside, you may swim in the refreshing pool or dip in the sea. Villa Trepanier features a full kitchen for your culinary pleasure, cable TV and high speed internet. The glass design creates spectacular views and an open living experience. Walk to dining, shops and diving. Prices start at 1800.00 USD a week including taxes. Free Concierge is offered to all our discerning guests. Cook and Nanny services available. We also offer Dive , Kitesurf and Windsurf Package Specials so call for details.  Call 800-219-0118 or 011 599- 786-3134 to book your week of Bonaire Bliss. You may also email

Photos forthcoming! Video Courtesy of Villa Trepanier and Mathieu Le Blanc

ABK News

January 24, 2010

Andy Brandt Getting Down to Business at the Kids Camp

Press Release

Bonaire:  Andy Brandt sent a message to the members of ABKBoardSports/Facebook.

“I am excited to announce new Sponsors for the 2010 tour. We are going to have the latest  boards from RRD and Fanatic, and Sails and rigs from  Maui Sails and RRD Sails to try at the US abk camps.  I have been sailing some of the new gear and loving it and I know you will too.  See you on the water!”    Andy Brandt

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is an official sponsor of the 2010 tour. Contact 800-219-0118 or to reserve your clinic spot. Windsurf packages, vehicle, accommodations and free concierges services available.

Help for Haiti

January 17, 2010

Help Haiti, that’s all that’s on my mind. I have had a Caribbean connection since 1987. I lived in Antigua, married a West Indian and lived the life in what was sometimes a third world existence. I lived without running water and plumbing. I lived in Grays Farm (Cook’s Hill), one of Antigua’s roughest neighborhoods. I saw the day to day existence of poor people and understood their resilience and determination. Later, I was part of a relief effort for Montserrat after a deadly hurricane. Next I saw the disaster caused by a dormant volcano that came to life. I realize how precious life is and how fragile many areas of the Caribbean are in reality. My family has Haitian connections. I am certain many of you do too.  My sister in law married a Haitian. My former gardener is Haitian. Haiti is part of the Caribbean community and during their darkest hour, they need our help.

Lastly a brilliant vivacious lovely young woman, Britney Gengel is missing.  I worked in the small town where Britney hails and know her family and the community. Britney along with her professors and fellow students traveled to Haiti from Lynn University to offer relief work. During the earthquake her fellow students were at the pool and escaped. Britney and others were inside Hotel Montana and up to today are missing. The hours tick away and chances of survival are slim. It is pure horror for her family. This is indeed harrowing times for too many.

Please take time to look at the many organizations that need your help.  Please during this tragic time consider donating whatever is possible, even 5.00. Anything will help. Together creating positive focus and effort sending out thoughts and prayers of hope and recovery is paramount. I believe in any miracle possible and hope you do too.

The most concise source of support listings can be seen on:

Windy Week

January 15, 2010

Check out my fav weather/wind site, Wind looks stellar ramping from 20-25 knots and wave action finally hitting our shores. This is the perfect week to be in Bonaire coming up…feel the breeze, bend your knees as my first windsurf instructor, Patrick Scales used to say…(Windsurf Antigua)…

Old School Photo from the Archives

Davy the Windsurf Wiz

January 15, 2010

Davy Scheffers, H311 is back in Bonaire training for the winter season. A pro in the European Freestyle Tour, Davy’s moves are sick. Check out his latest Youtube video!

Learn more about this hotshot on

Tsunami Alert near Cuba and the Bahamas and Haiti and Hispanola

January 12, 2010



This bulletin will be issued by the MDNA & A. when a Tsunami statement is received from the CTWC.

More or less at 22:03 local time the Meteorological Service received an information statement on a strong earthquake that occurred over the Haiti Region.

The data received shows that near 21:53 local time there was an earthquake at a depth of 0 kilometers with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter Scale. The epicenter was near 18.5 degrees North and 72.5 degrees West, This is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Port-au Prince, the capital of Haiti.

According to the Tsunami Warning Center, based on these data there is a possibility of a local Tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than hundred kilometers from the eartquake epicenter. Areas further from the epicenter could experience small sea level changes. The Tsunami Warning Center for the Caribbean Sea has issued a watch for a possible tsunami for Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas & Dominican Republic late tonight. Hence no treats are foreseen for the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

Guest Photographer of the Day – Freddie Hughes

January 12, 2010

Turtle Bliss by Freddie Hughes

Enjoy a photo essay featuring lovely Freddie Hughes’s photos, sheer bliss..

Photo by Freddie Hughes

Freddie has a way of capturing the underwater beauty of this magical island…

Concierge Services in Bonaire

January 9, 2010

Caribbean Wind & Sun is pleased to offer full Concierge Services for their discerning clients. Concierge Services are offered to villa rentals as well as visiting yachts.

Do you need:

–       A chef

–       An experienced guide to take you diving on the East Coast (the wild side)

–       Nanny/babysitter

–       A meeting space

–       Eco Tours

–       Want to pose in front of the world’s only reef cam

–       Dive package

–       Kite surf lessons

–       Snorkeling instruction

–       Romantic picnic on a quiet island

–       Champagne at one of the best stargazing sites in Bonaire

–       Dinner reservations

–       Roses

–       A local newspaper

–       Fresh baked goods delivered

–       Wedding Planner

–       Jeweler for an engagement ring

–       Car rental

–       Bike rental

–       Windsurf lessons

–       Tour Bonaire’s oldest town

–       Eat local food

–       Have a massage on the beach

–       Yoga

–       Join a gym

–       Want to learn to freestyle windsurf

–       Want to learn how to volunteer in or support Bonaire

–       An underwater photographer to film your diving experience

–       A professional photographer to shoot your windsurfing moves

–       Wine delivered to your hotel or villa

–       Laundry service

–       Buy local art

–       Hotel, car, and or windsurf packages in Aruba or Curacao

–       Bone or deep sea fishing

–       The best Sangria on island with water views

–       Need trip cancellation insurance

–       Spa

–       Doctor or dentist

This can be all arranged. I offer free on island Concierge so email me for more info. Please share with a friend.

Friday in Bonaire

January 8, 2010

Nikki Boko Landhuis