Tranquil KralendijkBonaire is one of the BES islands, Bonaire, Statia and Saba. I live on Bonaire, a windy warm island of 14,000 people. Located near Curacao just north of Venezuela, this tranquil island welcomes divers, snorkelers and windsurfers from all over the world.  I first visited the island in 2001. Prior to that I knew it was a windsurf and diver’s paradise. When I arrived I knew I had come home. My daughter and I packed up and moved down.  We  built our home later  in 2005.  We share our little “kas”  with a menagerie of pets and assorted iguanas and birds.

Bonaire is my base where I operate my travel business, Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations.  I have owned this company since 1988.  As a Caribbean travel specialist I welcome hundreds each year to Bonaire. There is no additional cost to my clients and I offer Concierge Services as well.  It is a labor of love sending folks to Bonaire. Welcome to my world.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Josie Estill Says:

    Hey, Annie — I’ll be on my favorite island Jan 24 – Feb 4 —- will you be on-island then? Would love to meet up. A good friend of mine is joining me for her first trip to BON, then Alan comes a week later.

    Our time there is short, short, short — because we’re taking two weeks to head to Ecuador/Galapagos on KLM. Worked out beautifully, but I’ll miss my usual month on Bonaire…
    Hope to see you SOON!!

    • caribchakita Says:

      Josie, please send me a trip report on your SA adventure. I am so happy for you. I am in Cape Cod doing taxes so alas, will miss you. Next time we coordinate things better.

  2. Josie Estill Says:

    Sorry I’ll miss you (again!). Will do a trip report on Ecuador. We are SO excited.

  3. Krispi Says:

    Hi Annie!
    2.5 weeks! Very excited! Will PM you my cell ;~)
    for last minute info…xx

  4. Beginning Middle and the Edge Says:

    Sounds beautiful. I love your story.

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