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Felis Ana – Happy New Year

December 31, 2010

In the Dutch Caribbean fireworks go on sale Dec. 26 and are legally sold on each street corner. Some innovative entrepreneurs have large containers chock full of a garrison of fireworks. They might even entertain with a DJ. It’s a full on competition. What the end result is days of banging and booming. The dogs hate it including my own.

My friends Larry and Mary had a pre New Years Eve party. Larry and few of our brave friends lit an arsenal on the beach. The spectators on the patio were treated to a light show extravaganza. The night sky was surreal. After, we dined on a sumptuous meal of Mexican delights and Margaritas. After, Larry and Mary’s German neighbors brought over a few Black Forest cakes. I have NEVER had anything so decadent.

Today I hope to hit a few Pagaras. A Pagara is when a business purchases a box of millions of tiny firecrackers all tied together. They lay them out strategically and then light them off. It can take 5-15 minutes. Some longer. There are reports of 3 mile long Pagaras in Curacao. The tradition I am am told is to ward off bad luck and herald in the new year.

A Day at Jibe City

December 29, 2010

Jibe City has a new manager, new gear and a fresh new look. Gert runs a tight ship and is ably assisted by Vanessa, Fen, Caesar, Tonky, Jayson and some junior staff. With the new JP boards and Neil Pryde sails, 2011 will be a stellar year for windsurfing at Jibe City.

Kids Camp

The winds were fresh today about 18-20 knots. Windsurfers were on a range of rigs from 5.5’s to 7.0 meter sails. Andy Brandt and his ABK team were on the water giving lessons. There was a kids camp running today as well. The sun was shining and it was a close to perfect day on Lac Bay.

Jibe City Beauties

To book your 99.00 room at Sorobon or your next windsurf vacation contact Ann is offering end of the year specials including 5% off gear rentals for all new bookings commencing today running through Dec. 31. Travel must commence by Jan. 1 and end March 31. Email for details.

Windsurf Speed Challenge

December 29, 2010

Jibe City is hosting a windsurf speed challenge Dec. 29 at 1:30 PM. There will be prizes for the fastest racer including harnesses, lessons with Andy Brandt of the ABK School and more. DJ Monk will be on hand for the party.

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Thuell

Results and photos to be posted later today.

Xmas Windsurf Sesh

December 25, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Carole Hibdige

After opening presents, Nic Hibdige headed to his favorite playground, Lac Bay. His favorite past time? Freestyling for sure.

Merry Christmas from Bonaire

Bon Pasku – Merry Christmas from Bonaire

December 25, 2010

Bon Pasku i Prospera Ana

Ann and Maggie
Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Washington Park Fee Structure

December 22, 2010

Washington Park

Washington Slagbaai National Park is the first nature sanctuary of the Netherland Antilles. It was established in 1969 and covers an area of 5.643 hectares. The park is an amazing setting to observe wildlife, flora and fauna as well as dive or snorkel. Mountain bikers will be challenged by the terrain.

Please note the changes in the entrance fee system of the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Non residents shall pay a $15 fee which entitles them to use the park for one year.

Bonairian residents shall pay a $3 per day fee. They may elect, however, to pay a $15 fee which entitles them to use the park for one year.

Fees will be waived for all children 12 years and younger.

Users who have paid the BNMP users fee for scuba diving and can prove they have done so by showing a receipt as well as a valid ID, may enter the WSNP park free of charge.

Bonaire Street Music

December 22, 2010

Driving through Playa we came upon this band..I was driving so apologize for the brief video. It was pretty cool…one of the amazing aspects of this charming island is stumbling upon something so special and unexpected….

Patagonia Meat Eater’s Blitz

December 22, 2010

Sam's 21 ounce Prime Rib

There are a plethora of dining options on Bonaire. One spot that seems to attract the Carnivore is Patagonia, the only Argentinian owned restaurant on the water. Maggie and I have been many times but since I no longer eat beef, I have not been in about 3 years. Ines and Pablo and their son Pablito run a tight ship. Service is great with Stacy being our favorite waitress. The views are great and the food is good.


I chose Wahoo in lemon sauce but everyone else had massive amounts of beef. The birthday boy polished off 21 ounces of prime rib. It was a feat to witness.

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations offers free Concierge to their discerning guests. Call 800-219-0118 or email to book your table at Patagonia.

Jibe City Gear Inventory

December 21, 2010


Jibe City is ready to welcome you for their 2011 winter season. They have 30 new JP’s, 89 liter- 160 liter as well as 86 2011 Neil Pryde sails. Also in stock are 25 Ezzy’s, some F2’s and 21 Gaastra Kid Rigs.

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is the only Bonaire based windsurf travel agency owned by a windsurfer. We have wholesale rates and offer competitive packages. Of course all of our clients have access to full island Concierge Services. Call 011 599 786 3134 or email

My Bonaire Garden

December 21, 2010

Miguelina and Ramon and my Yucca Crop

Six years ago we broke ground on my Belnem property and today my mature garden is flourishing. Enjoy some photos of my garden, a labour of love. Most of the plants came from my former Haitian gardener, Jean, but some from my Dominican builder and dearest friend, Ramon. A few I clipped some cuttings in my travels in Antigua and Anguilla.

Our island is fairly arid, receiving only 16 inches a year annual rainfall. This year we are experiencing tremendous rains. A local told me this amount of rainfall has not occurred since 1984. As a result of the copious rainfall, my garden is brilliant.

When it was time to decide how to border my property, I went the most economical route. I had some local Antillean men come in and put in a cactus fence. It was an amazing process that I documented with photos.

And six years later my fence is amazing. The cactus flower periodically and the Trupial birds savor the nectar. I love my live fence and love my garden.

My garden is the labour of an international mix of gardeners and plant lovers. It is what makes my house a home.