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Bonaire Airport Tax Press Release

September 19, 2010

From Bonaire International Airport

Ticket Code assignment for Passenger Facility Charge – Bonaire
September 16, 2010.
In order to comply with international standards as per IATA resolution in promoting transparent processes
and in eliminating queuing, Bonaire International Airport (BIA) is glad to inform you that we have finalized
the process with IATA to incorporate our Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), better known as the airport
departure tax in the airline travel ticket and to have it collected by IATA on our behalf. The effective date is
October 1, 2010. This means that as of that date our PFC will be included in all tickets purchased for travel on
or after October 1, 2010.
We will be honoring a transition period in which our Airport Tax Booth will remain open for sale of our PFC
for passengers who do not yet have the PFC included in their travel ticket. This transition period will end
around mid January 2011 but will be further extended to a later date if this becomes necessary. After this
transition period all travel tickets shall include the PFC. The first billing & collection cycle will begin on 1
November 2010.
The following procedures are valid for aircraft operators that are affiliated with IATA. These will be effective
October 1, 2010. All other aircraft operators will eventually have a separate agreement with BIA.
This procedure will be in effect only during the transition period.
Passengers without PFC in their airline travel tickets (this can be verified at check-in) shall be directed to the
Airport Tax Booth to pay the PFC.
For passengers who have the PFC included in their airline ticket, the airline or airline representative will need
to confirm this in the reservation/check-in system at the check-in counter. The
employee will provide each passenger with a completed form. The passenger
shall present this form, together with their boarding pass and ID to the Document
Control Security Officer at the screening point. The Security Officer will collect the
form from the passenger.
If a passenger needs a receipt for the purchased PFC, it will either be the
passenger copy of the stub purchased at the tax booth or the receipt received at
ticket purchase.
Passengers, who have checked in via internet and who can show that their boarding pass indicates that the
PFC is included in the airline ticket and have no checked bags, shall proceed to the airport tax booth to
collect the form before entering the screening point. This is only valid during the transition period.

Save the Donkeys

September 14, 2010

More BOPEC- Environmental Impact

September 12, 2010

Children of the Wind Fundraiser

September 10, 2010

From TCB Inc.

Please be informed that a Kickstarter page has been set up to raise funds for the production of the documentary “Children of the Wind”. You can learn more about Kickstarter from their site, but basically it is a fund raising site that is quite selective in the independent films and documentaries that it will accept, and the success rate is huge. It’s also an “all or nothing” campaign, which gives a time limit and an amount, so donors have plenty of incentive to contribute. Here is the page with the pitch and the new trailer:

Within a day of being set up, over $1,500 in pledges came in. At this moment 22 people/organizations have backed up the project. Total pledged amount is $7220. Goal is $20,000 and there are 35 more days to go.

Parallel to this…
The shooting team will be present at Sylt, Germany later this month to shoot the Bonaire pros, do more interviews with the pros, and others, shoot the landscape of Sylt with the Bonaire pros which will give enormous contrast to Bonaire, to do “verite” footage of the Bonaire pros (lifestyle footage as they are being followed around), cover the competition, and to generally network the documentary with industry reps and European press, magazines and TV networks that will be there covering the event. The PWA site indicates that 200,000 people will attend over 10 days. The pros have been notified and are all “pumped” to know the team is attending! Pete – member of the team – is helping Robert and Daphne to get to Sylt, while he himself is busy with the filming of the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Photo Courtesy of Marguerite Wynter


September 10, 2010

There is an ongoing fire at BOPEC in Bonaire. BOPEC is an oil storage facility on the northern point of our island. Reports are the fire in a tank is still blazing two days after supposedly being hit with lightening.

This is an ISO certified facility. I trust all precautions were in place?

Coral Spawn for Sept. 2010 in Bonaire

September 9, 2010

It’s an annual event for divers on Bonaire. During the full moon in Sept. and Oct. the coral spawn is a magical experience. STINAPA has posted the predictions for the upcoming spawn. Coral Spawn Packages are being offered by for divers. Call 800-219-0118 or email Dive packages include 114.00 USD 6 day air with Nitrox and free two tank boat dives for all Coral Spawn bookings!!

Villa Salentein in Bonaire

September 5, 2010

I am so excited to offer my only Platinum Plus property, Villa Salentein.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Salentein

Villa Salentein is a luxury oceanfront retreat on the north shore of tranquil Bonaire. Discerning travelers will revel in the ambiance of this high end villa. If you seek out a modern oceanfront experience, look no more. Enjoy your own refreshing pool or dive from your villa. The stairs into the sea lead you to some of the island’s best diving and snorkeling. The main feature of the villa is outdoor living with a scenic living area and comfortable high end furnishings. The kitchen is state of the art. If you prefer, a chef can be organized to prepare your meals.

Villa Salentein is an elegant experience yet it is comfortable reflecting the ambiance of the Caribbean. The art, colors, furnishings and amenities are luxurious and pleasing. Each bedroom has unlimited ocean views. The villa has a private gym, wifi and state of the art entertainment systems. There are 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms for up to 10 people. The villa is perfect for a group or 4 couples. Call 1-800-219-0118 to book Villa Salentein or email New bookings mentioning Bonaire Bliss will earn dining credits at Wil’s Tropical Grill.