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The Butterfly Farm in Bonaire

July 30, 2011

I recently was warmly welcomed by Dianne and Georgie, the caretakers of the butterflies at Bonaire’s Butterfly Farm. This serene sanctuary houses lovely butterflies from Costa Rica. It is a magical setting with an inviting and calming atmosphere. I felt utter peace and became very mindful in this setting.

There is a lovely cafe onsite called Kishikishi with healthy and delicious foods. The menu is creative and inspiring. Enjoy pumpking soups, local Bonaire goat cheese dishes and other delights.

You can find the butterfly garden at Kaminda Lac 101 in Bonaire.

Just follow the road from the church in Kralendijk to Sorobon (Kaya Nikiboko Zuid) After leaving Kralendijk you will see the sign on the left. Turn to the left in the direction of Lac Cai and you will see the signs to the garden.
The farm is open from Tuesday till Sunday. Opening hours are from 9 am till 5 pm.

Adults $ 12,–
Children $ 8,– (4-11 years)
Children 1-2-3 for free!

We have attractive discounts in combination with our lunch in our KishiKishi lunchcafe

Cell: 00599 795 8989

KishiKishi and Butterfly Garden Bonaire are part of Awor foundation.

Invest 91 : Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts : Weather Underground

July 30, 2011

Invest 91 : Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts : Weather Underground.

Amazing Video

July 29, 2011

I met with the new GM of Tourism, Ms. Lara Chirino. She is a motivated and enthusiastic young women with vision and insight into how to embrace, celebrate and market her home, Bonaire. She shared an amazing video from one of the filmmakers of Children of the Wind, a new documentary soon to be released. She gave me permission to share this. It’s touching and inspiring. Enjoy!

Bonaire 2011 from Noka Productions on Vimeo.

Last Night Was Unbelievable

July 26, 2011

Last night my friends invited me to dine with them at Unbelievable. Owned by Bonairean, Robby Matthew, this Caribbean inspired restaurant was truly UNBELIEVABLE.

Robby and Mary, his life partner greeted me enthusiastically. Robby has created a Caribbean oasis with amazing light fixtures, Caribbean inspired art and comfortable seating. His kind jovial personality enhances the dining experience. I was whisked upstairs to the lovely patio. The cooling breezes and views of the sea beyond under a starlit sky was amazing.

My friends arrived shortly after and we were catered to by Cliff, one of Bonaire’s best waiters. He also happens to be a park ranger so don’t be surprised if you see him at Washington Park. He recommended the fresh Wahoo or the Bahamian Conch. My friend ordered the mixed seafood grill and a calamari appetizer. His wife ordered the conch and I asked Cliff to surprise me.

The conch app was amazing. I loved the cornmeal breading. Our entrees came and were artfully prepared and piping hot. My surprise entree was the Shrimp Provencal! Everyone loved their food. The photos speak clearly to the presentation.

Shrimp Provencal

Mixed Seafood Grill


We were stuffed but I was dying to try Robby’s house made Key Lime Pie so I ordered it to go. It was the most amazing breakfast I ever had!!

Unbelievable is on Abraham Blvd. past Divi. Call Robby at 717 3000 or allow Caribbean Wind & Sun’s Concierge book your next vacation and dinner at Unbelievable.

Green Flash

July 26, 2011

I have lived or traveled in the Caribbean since 1987. Since then I have heard of the optical phenomena called a Green Flash. I had sat through many a sunset cocktail parties as the guest watched for this much discussed sight. Many times as the sun set, folks would yell, “did you see it, did you see it?”..NOOOO I never saw it. I went so far as to hold my eye lids open during a few sunsets for fear my blink would miss this event. Finally, I gave up believing that it was merely a few cocktails that led my friends to believe there was actually such a thing as the Green Flash.

One day a few years back I was driving from home to town on Bonaire. It was close to sunset as I passed Donkey Beach. I glimpsed to the left to catch the sun dip into the horizon and lo and behold, I saw the Green Flash. There was no effort, I merely looked for a moment. I had no camera to capture this lovely vision but I smiled as indeed now I too witnessed the ever elusive green flash.

Last night I was headed to town to dine with friends. It was 6:56 AST and the sun sets here at 7. I pulled over again at Donkey Beach and watched. The sun slowly melted into the landscape and suddenly I saw the greenest hue cover the horizon for a split second.

Yes, my friends..there is indeed a green flash…and I have seen it for my own eyes.

Moments before the Green Flash

My Parrot Bliss Today

July 24, 2011

Phoebe Greene Linden, MA parrot expert and ECHO volunteer

I was invited to volunteer for the feeding of over 80+ rescued Loras, Prikichis and Cockatiels. In case you missed my previous posts over 100 unweaned babies were found in squalor after being taken by poachers on Bonaire. STINAPA and local police rescued the babies and are under the care of Dr. Sam Williams and Echo Bonaire.

Pictures speak louder than words.

Baby Lora

Please support Echo Bonaire. 35 cc syringes are needed. There is no longer a need for baby parrot food. To donate contact Dr. Sam Williams at

35 cc syringes needed to feed the me for details

Please support

A special thanks to Phoebe Greene Linden, MA who is on site to support the effort.

Phoebe Greene Linden, M. A.
Santa Barbara Bird Farm, co-owner
IAABC Certified, Parrot Division #123

Charlotte and I feeding the babies..

Sand Dollar Resort on Sale

July 22, 2011

Now’s the time to come dive in Bonaire. I am pleased to offer a sale at Sand Dollar Resort:

Pay for a 5 night stay in any size condo – studio, one bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom and enjoy the 6th and the 7th nights for free! *

* the daily tax is $6.50 per person per night government room tax on all nights.
Travel Window: July 30 – October 28, 2011*.

Booking Window: now through October 21, 2011.
Restrictions: This special is valid for new reservations only and is based on availability.

At Sea- Food Bliss

July 22, 2011

One of favorite Bonaire restaurant, Yacht Club Restaurant has closed but the owners, Rick and Kim have created a new culinary dining spot called At Sea located at the former Donna and Giorgio’s location in town. I dined with a travel client this week.

Sander is behind the bar. The cocktail menu is lovely. I had a cold margarita on the rocks with no pre mix. This is a sensational place to come for cocktails or wine. The bar is large and roomy. You can also enjoy splendid views of the sea.

Goat Cheese and Spinach Spring Rolls

The menu is quite extensive with old items from the former spot and some new treats. I enjoyed the goat cheese and spinach spring rolls and my dining companion loved the fish soup.

Fish Soup

For entrees I always choose whatever fresh fish Rick is preparing. For this first time dining experience, I chose the tuna. My dining companion had the barracuda. Both were fresh and delicious. The presentation was outstanding. My potato salad was sublime and I loved the thinly sliced pickled cucumbers. Such a fresh healthy dinner.



I offer free Concierge service including reservations to Bonaire’s best restaurants. Call me at 011 599 786 3134 or email to book your escape today. Mention At Sea and earn a dining credit on select vacations. Conditions apply.

From Poached to Protected – The Bonaire Parrot Saga

July 22, 2011

Staff from Echo and STINAPA rescued 100 baby prikichis (local parrots) from a poacher on Bonaire. They were unwearned babies in bad condition. Dr. Sam Williams and staff rescued the babies and took them to a special location on Bonaire setting up a nursery. Since that rescue Echo and volunteers from around the world and island have been working feverishly to feed the parrots. Since the rescue parrot expert Phobe Linden, a parrot expert from the US, flew in to assist. I was able to observe a morning feeding session.

Poaching is a serious problem. The population of endangered Yellow-Shouldered Amazon Parrots is in decline..* As a result The World Parrot Trust and World Nature Fonds has provided monies to suppor this rescue effort.

Your support is desperately needed. Please consider donating to

To learn more about Echo please click on

I will begin assisting in the feeding this week. To be continued!

* some source notes from the Bonaire Reporter

The Food the Babies Need Desperately

Daily Delicious – A Culinary Blissful Experience

July 19, 2011

Bonaire has a a plethora of eateries many serving scrumptous cuisines. I have often passed a small little cafe next to the Belasting (around the corner from the travel agency) in Kralendijk. There are a few benches for outdoor dining. I am not a fan of eating in town mid day due to the heat and the parking situation so had not been to Daily Delicious until today. What spurned my visit was dinner last night. My friend Ankie served lovely salmon sushi and a delicious fish soup, both purchased at Daily Delicious.

Owned by the lovely vivacious Effie van Kessel, this little culinary gem is chock full of delights. In her cooler she is offering fresh summer salads and lovely pastries. A true find was the chewy bagel! Good bagels on Bonaire, who knew? When I arrived Effie was cutting fresh tuna maki rolls made with fresh tuna caught by her boyfriend. The color of the tuna was lovely.

Effie is open 9-3 weekdays and takes special orders. She is assisted by the lovely Joanny Abraham who has extensive customer service experience in food service. This is a not to miss bright and pretty spot. To place a special order stop in or email effie at