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PWA Bliss

October 8, 2009

Bonaire Rock Stars - Photo Courtesy of Sara Quita

Bonaire Rock Stars - Photo Courtesy of Sara Quita

Colgate World Cup Sylt

The setting was chilly brisk Westerland Beach in Sylt Germany. Windsurf pros have long flocked to the windy cold shores of Sylt to compete for the final PWA event of each season. Full suits and small sails are usually the order of the day. Early on Sylt lacked the wind needed for a successful event but on day 3 it went off. Duncan Combs head judge called for single and double ladder eliminations. Bonaire was up. The one to watch was Gollito, last years Venezuelan. No stranger to Bonaire, Gollito is a crowd favorite hailing from El Yaque. Team Bonaire made it to the semi throwing Shakas and Back Loops. Kiri bested his team mate Nicolas French rival Akgazciyan who also rides for Starboard. Next he was up against Tonky in Single Ladder Eliminations. In the finals it was Taty against Kiri. The winner after scoring higher points in a very close heat was Taty Frans. 1,2,3, Bonaire dominates Sylt.


Men’s Freestyle

1st Elton ‘Taty’ Frans (Starboard, MauiSails)

2nd Kiri Thode (Starboard, Gaastra)

3rd Everon ‘Tonky’ Frans (F2, Gaastra)

4th Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North)

5th Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard, Gun Sails)

Taty and Kiri Photo Courtesy of Sara Quita

Taty and Kiri Photo Courtesy of Sara Quita

Freestyle Heaven…

May 2, 2009

Video Courtesy of Matowind

I first heard of these guys whilst watching a Dasher video one cold winter night in 2000. I had dreams of sailing and it was as close to sailing as I could get.  I heard the “Bonaire Kids” were going to Tinho and Susie’s event, Calema so my event partner and I headed to Merritt Island to scout the team and invite them to our event, King of the Cape 2001. The rest is history’s a peak at their talent. It’s mindblowing, actually.

Bonaire to Curacao Challenge

March 31, 2009

Bonaire – Bonaire windsurf pro, Elton “Taty” Frans raced from Bonaire to Curacao on March 29. He successfully beat the previous record of 4 hours by arriving in Jan Thiel 2 hours and 15 minutes after departing BOPEC in Bonaire. Taty was racing to raise money for Erwin Muller, a dive master and the 4 hour record holder for the sail from Bonaire to Curacao almost twenty years ago. Muller suffered a massive stroke in Jan. and has been in Curacao for medical treatment. Erwin needs rehab and home modifications all very costly. Because Erwin is a former windsurfer it made sense to have a windsurf fundraiser. Spearheaded by many including Elvis Martinus the race occurred March 28. Taty had dreamed of sailing between the two islands. No stranger to long distance events, Taty circumnavigated Bonaire last year. For this fundraiser challenge he sailed his 7.6 Maui Sail and his 122 liter Starboard Isonic Board. He left early in the morning from the northern tip of Bonaire.under 15-20 knot winds. The waves were 2.5-3.0 meters at times. A small flotilla of support boats assisted Taty. Taty met a hero’s welcome in Curacao including a guest appearance by Prime Minister Mrs. De Jongh- Elhage and his friend, Erwin Muller. It was a grande finale to support a fellow man of the sea, Muller. The race could not have happened without the support of Habitat Bonaire, Plaza Resort/Toucan Dive Bonaire, Bistro de Paris, Ivo and many friends on the boats, Michael and Miguel Obersi, Elvis Martinus and the entire windsurf community in Bonaire and Curacao. Taty is sponsored by Bonaire Windsurf Place, MauiSails, Starboard and Choco Fins

Taty Frans

Fundraiser for a Friend, Erwin Muller

February 23, 2009

Olympian Patun Saragoza

Bonaire – March 8 is a monumental day when Constantin “Patun” Sargoza and Elton “Taty” Frans windsurf from Bonaire to Curacao. The event is a fundraiser for Bonaire’s own Erwin Muller. Erwin, a dive master and former windsurf hero on Bonaire suffered a serious stroke in January. He is recuperating in Curacao and has a long rehabilitation ahead. Erwin is well known in the community for being a man who loves adventure whether it’s riding his quad or delivering a yacht across the Caribbean.  Locals and tourists are rallying to support Erwin and his family, Ellen and Jason. The March 8 race is dedicated to Erwin, one of the original founders of windsurfing on Bonaire. Saragoza, a former Olympian will race across to Curacao with Pro Windsurfer Taty Frans. Taty, one of the top freestyler’s in the world recently circumnavigated the island in 2008. He is perhaps the fastest slalom sailor presently on Bonaire.  The race commences at 9 AM outside BOPEC. Spectators are welcome for the send off. Helicopters and chase boats will accompany the two sailors across the passage. The record set back in the 80’s by Erwin is 4 hours. They will race to Light House Point on the East side of Curacao and then head down to the pier near Breezes Resort.  Donations for this fundraiser may be contributed via Paypal to:

For those wishing to accompany the flotilla it is important you speak with Elvis Martinus by calling 786 2288 for clearance. The safety of the two windsurfers is paramount. This is a very exciting yet intense voyage. We wish them well as they race for a fellow man of the sea, Erwin Muller.

Photo Of Erwin Courtesy of Linda Baker

Erwin and Moka