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Bonaire Photo Contest

May 29, 2009

Thanks to the submissions for the photo contest. I am so excited to reveal the three winners Sharman Crockett (Kite Delight) ,  Timmmy Bonaire (Iggy) and Nick and Britta Monaco (Anenome).  Take a look at the winning photos.


Kite Delight

Bonaire - Purpled Tipped Anemone - small

Coral Lectures at CIEE

May 27, 2009

CIEE is pleased to announce:

Date: Thursday, June 4th

Speaker: Dr. Mark Vermeij from CARMABI (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity)

Title: Coral Reef Conservation: Perspectives on a Possible Future

Time: 7pm

Place: CIEE Research Station Bonaire, Kaya Gob. Debrot 26 (bright Orange Building with tall fence)


Date: Wednesday, June 10th

Speaker: Dr. Gabriel Grimsditch from the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Title: ‘Coral reefs, climate change and resilience’

Time: 7pm

Place: CIEE Research Station Bonaire, Kaya Gob. Debrot 26 (bright Orange Building with tall fence)

Release from CIEE

Photo of the Week

May 25, 2009

If you scroll down you will see my coral art post. I love the way folks in Bonaire take flotsam and jetsum and junk and make art. Well check out the photo I snagged from my pet sitters extraordinaire, The Bauman Bishops.  It was on Carlea’s Twitter page. Way cool kidz…


Critter of the Month

May 22, 2009

Thanks to Ms. Tiffany Crawford for sharing her lovely photo. I have called this fellow Brutus and have given him title of Critter of the Month. Submissions welcome so send to Oh Ms. Tiffany and her diving buddy, Shallbetter spotted a pod of dolphins on their last island dive at the Hilma Hooker. I say anytime you see a pod on your last dive is a sure sign you will return back soon, don’t you?


Bonaire Animal Shelter News

May 19, 2009

Bonaire dogs are superdogs

Animal Shelter Bonaire launches dog sterilization campaign

“Bonny the Superdog” is a new initiative of the Animal Shelter Bonaire targeted at reducing the growing number of unwanted and neglected dogs, through a sterilization project. Goal is to sterilize 500 dogs within a one year period, starting as from May 15th 2009.

There are already too many dogs on Bonaire. The reason is that many dogs just run loose and get pregnant at a young age. That is why everyday new puppies are born and too many of them have no future. As most people don’t want so many dogs, they drop them off at the shelter or let them roam around. The dogs become stray dogs; they have no food, become sick, aggressive and cause problems. Because of this every year 1000 dogs are put to sleep. This can be prevented!

The best way to keep a dog healthy and prevent it from roaming around, is to have it sterilized. This is the best alternative for the dog owners and their dogs, and it prevents animal suffering. Female dogs are more alert after being spayed. Male dogs tend to stay around the house more after being neutered, since they are no longer interested in female dogs in heat. Therefore sterilizing of all dogs is beneficial.

Apart from sterilizing the animals, the Animal Shelter Bonaire also wants the residents of Bonaire to become more conscious of the importance of having their animals neutered, not only to prevent suffering amongst the animals but also for their own peace of mind.

The sterilization campaign “Bonny the Superdog” has been set up by the loyal volunteers of the Animal Shelter Bonaire; T-shirts and flyers have been designed and printed, all is pre-financed by the shelter.

Website Bonny the Superdog:
Website Animal Shelter Bonaire:

Press Release Courtesy of Bonaire Animal Shelter

Bonaire Mutts We Love

2009 IFCA Slalom Worlds 12-18 July

May 14, 2009

Bonaire is proud to host the premier Slalom Windsurf Event in July.  July 12-18 some of the best slalom sailors from around the world will descend on Bonaire to compete. Following the slalom races Pro Kids Freestyle will be held 18 and 19th July.

This is a great spectator event with sailing, racing, music and beach culture. Come on down to windy Lac Bay.

Pro Kods

Coral Spawn Bonaire 2009

May 13, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Gary and Lorraine Cziep

Photo Courtesy of Gary and Lorraine Cziep

STINAPA has posted the 2009 coral spawn predictions for Sept. and Oct. If you have any plans to come to Bonaire and have never seen the coral spawn, consider a trip this coming Sept. or Oct. The coral spawn is the life dive experience for many. The coral spawn around the full moon. This year’s dates are Sept. 4-10 and Oct. 4-10. To see the spawn diving is done at night. For a full schedule send me an email at  at Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations and I will forward it immediately. To celebrate this year’s spawn I am offering special dive packages. Call 1-800 219-0118 or email for details. September and October may be low season for prices but it’s high season for wonders under the sea. Welcome soon!

Playa Leche Residence Summer Sale

May 8, 2009

Playa Leche Residence is on sale for May, June and July. Enjoy 20% off rack rates when you call today at 800-219-0118. This premier oceanfront luxury condo property is a favorite with my clients. This unit has 2 bedrooms, AC, free internet and a patio opening up to the refreshing pool. Walk to dining or across the street to your own beach. Pure luxury awaits.

Photos Courtesy of Bonaire Partners



Photo Contest

May 7, 2009

Caribbean Wind & Sun is running a photo contest the month of May. There are three categories: Scuba Splendor, Nature and  People and Culture Please email your submissions to by May 29 2009. Prizes to be announced. The winning photos will be spotlighted on and on the Caribbean Wind & Sun Facebook page. Let the contest begin!

Photo Title : Bloody Sunset

Location: Belnem

Camera: Olympus Digital

Bonaire Sunset

Villa of the Month – Crown Ridge 8

May 6, 2009

Crown Ridge 8

My Villa of the Month is Crown Ridge 8.  This luxury property is part of a collection of side by side high end 3 bedroom homes in Crown Ridge south of Sabadeco. This lovely home offers 3 bedrooms with two queen beds and two twin beds. The linens and bedding are new assuring a restful sleep.  AC is in each bedroom. The master suite has a full modern bath. The spacious two guest bedrooms share a shower and toilet. The villa has a stereo, wifi, TV, full kitchen complete with all the amenities needed to prepare a lovely meal.  Enjoy dining area outside on the patio . The private pool is refreshing. A dive tank and direct access to the sea next door makes this perfect for divers and snorkelers.

Come to the quiet side of the island. Dive off of Andrea I or simply rest in your own Caribbean retreat.  Bon Bini!

Contact to book this villa. Blog readers earn 5% for bookings made by June 1 for travel before Nov. 1 2009. Rates, offers all subject to change and availability. Reference booking code: Bliss09