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Nuking Power Sesh and a Board Demo

March 7, 2009

A front came across the Caribbean bringing strong swell to the Eastern Caribbean and for Bonaire, HOWLING winds. I woke at 7 AM to my windows rattling. I got all anxious grabbing my gear and tossing in the back of my rental truck (my Toyota Starlet recently died a sad death but that’s another story). Off I went by 8 AM. I noticed the bottom of my Angulo Chango had 3 punctures. DAMN. Now what…well I decided it was the perfect time to demo one of Dj’s new Tabous that he has in his Jibe City rental pool. He has one 86 L 3 S. Man, I was excited to try this board. I grabbed my 4.2 Gun sail and was off…the winds were howling and the chop in the bay pretty chunky. Off I went..WOW, what a sweet board. Apparently Cinda Sebastian, who spent 7 weeks on island hijacked it for her duration so everyone told me her vibes were imbedded into the soul of the board. I felt blonde and wild and took some decent air on a few ramps. Most times I could barely hold on. I tried a few jibes and each time was blown out of the water. A 3.3 would have sufficed. The winds are NE and strong. Few sailors were on the water. The ones that were, were hard core. Back to my board demo. I want this board, I need this board. I told DJ he has to get more as this 86 will be in demand in the days to come.