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Nuking Power Sesh and a Board Demo

March 7, 2009

A front came across the Caribbean bringing strong swell to the Eastern Caribbean and for Bonaire, HOWLING winds. I woke at 7 AM to my windows rattling. I got all anxious grabbing my gear and tossing in the back of my rental truck (my Toyota Starlet recently died a sad death but that’s another story). Off I went by 8 AM. I noticed the bottom of my Angulo Chango had 3 punctures. DAMN. Now what…well I decided it was the perfect time to demo one of Dj’s new Tabous that he has in his Jibe City rental pool. He has one 86 L 3 S. Man, I was excited to try this board. I grabbed my 4.2 Gun sail and was off…the winds were howling and the chop in the bay pretty chunky. Off I went..WOW, what a sweet board. Apparently Cinda Sebastian, who spent 7 weeks on island hijacked it for her duration so everyone told me her vibes were imbedded into the soul of the board. I felt blonde and wild and took some decent air on a few ramps. Most times I could barely hold on. I tried a few jibes and each time was blown out of the water. A 3.3 would have sufficed. The winds are NE and strong. Few sailors were on the water. The ones that were, were hard core. Back to my board demo. I want this board, I need this board. I told DJ he has to get more as this 86 will be in demand in the days to come.

Windsurf News

February 1, 2009

Andy Brandt's Kids Camp

Andy Brant’s world famous ABK Windsurf Clinics are in full gear. His first 2009 freestyle clinic just ended. There is limited space is available for the February and March Bonaire clinics. His clinics are multi level and truly the way to go if you want to hone your skills or take it to the next level.

Windsurf maniacs take note, new 2009 gear just arrived at Jibe City.  DJ the owner ordered 26 boards including 13 Rockets, 1 Freestyle, 1 Manta and 6 Cool Rider Beginner Boards. HE has 109 new Gaastra Sails as well. Check out the surf shop for very hip surf duds.

Bonaire Windsurf Place continues to stock Starboards, an island favorite and Hot Sails. When the wind is light enjoy a clear kayak to explore the mangroves.

Former Olympian, Constantine Saragoza