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Taste of Bonaire – Wellness Nov. 19, 2016

November 8, 2016

TCB Wellness Taste Of Bonaire 2016..jpg

The Bonaire Wellness Committee, TCB Inc., The Government of Bonaire and Mas Eventz Productions have teamed up to present a new and exciting Taste of Bonaire, Wellness. Bonaire renowned for world class diving and windsurfing is also a Mecca for those seeking wellness vacations. Spearheaded by Ann Phelan at Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations, promotion of Bonaire’s health and wellness programs is being expanded. With several yoga  and fitness studios on island, spas and restorative services as well as non-traditional healing programs , this new travel niche is taking off.

To spotlight the many programs, Taste of Bonaire will celebrate wellness, November 19 at Wilhelmina Park in Kralendijk. The event kicks off with a 5k Race Walk organized by Mas Eventz Productions.  There will be food booths and a market. There will be live yoga and pilates demonstrations as well.

The event is free to attend. Food will be available for sale. The event is a family and tourist event so come, enjoy and meet the local practitioners who celebrate the healing arts.

To register for the race call 796 6270. The cost is 5.00 USD and includes water and t shirt.

For more information on Wellness Vacations, contact Ann at today.

TS Matthew

September 29, 2016

Tropical Storm Matthew is churning through the southern Caribbean dousing the islands with heavy rain, flash flooding and significant wind gusts.  All eyes are on this system, watching the path as it traverses the islands.

Matthew is far south, heading towards Bonaire. Typically, the islands in the Windward chain escape tropical storms, particularly Barbados and Trinidad. The ABC islands are considered outside the hurricane belt so when storms head that far south, weather watchers perk up their ears. I have been living and traveling in the Caribbean since 1987. My first island home, Antigua was often hit by tropical systems. I have some memories of significant storms over the years.  As a windsurfer, I am pretty addicted to weather sites to watch the wind forecasts. Whilst my days as a sailor have slowed down, I am still a weather geek.

I have been watching the weather predictions for Bonaire all week. TS Matthew was named today and is slated to pass north of the island around 11 PM EST Sept. 29.  The island will certainly experience gusty winds and heavy rain. Keep an eye on your favorite weather service for updates.

As of today, friends are boarding up their homes. Diesel supplies are dwindling as everyone prepares their generators. If you have travel plans for the island, continue to monitor your flights. Most airlines allow for change in travel without penalties when weather concerns prevail.

Here are a few links to my favorite weather sites:



March Mindfulness on Bonaire- Spring Equinox

March 2, 2016

Welcome to a weekend of mindful meditation on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire.  The retreat is one day, March 20th, from 2-5 PM.  The timing includes an opportunity to celebrate the Spring Equinox, a time of renewal and re birth.

This course will focus on offering a safe and nurturing setting to commence or expand on your meditation practice. The weekend experience will foster a stronger connection between body, mind and spirit through non-judgmental and patient practice.

The weekend is suited for beginners or those who have taken time from their practice and would welcome a gentle and non-striving  return to meditation and mindfulness. This afternoon is teacher led with instruction and discussion as well as guided meditation, both seated and walking meditation.



For one hour we will share a silent meditation.

The March Retreat offers an opportunity to explore your practice surrounded by the sea and nature.  We will connect our mind body experience with nature, the perfect balance.

Prices are 35.00 per person *. For registration and details email


*If payment is a challenge please contact me at



Staying Healthy on Bonaire – Mosquitoes

January 31, 2016

I had a repeater guest recently ask me about the Zika Virus on Bonaire.  This is a very serious health matter impacting the Caribbean and the Americas. Fortunately, Bonaire is not on the CDC’s list of islands with cases of the Zika Virus.  With that said, I always speak to how to stay healthy when it concerns the matter of mosquitoes.  Having lived on two Caribbean islands,  I  have noticed mosquito activity is at it’s highest,  before dawn and after dusk.  Also, after a rainy spell, mosquito activity is higher.  With that said, always apply bug repellant. I particularly recommend you apply before going out at night for dinner.  As far as a product, I won’t make recommendations as you may have your own preference but if your able to, use a product with DEET. Check with your doctor for recommendations.

For more information on the Zikas Virus click on the CDC’s website

To book your next vacation to Bonaire, contact me at

Mangazina Di Rei- Cultural Event in Bonaire

January 31, 2016

I had the pleasure of visiting the restored Mangazina Di Rei recently for the Cultural Event. The event featured local music, local food and a craft market. Also on hand was a produce and plant market. The center was abuzz with locals and tourists sampling amazing culinary delights made by the local people of Rincon. I sampled some delicious pancakes made on an traditional hot cooking plate. Later, I shopped for plants and produce. Price are astounding, really. I secured some great deals on local handicrafts. Don’t miss home baked bread, hot out of the stone oven. The smell of  fresh baked yeasty crusty bread is divine.


The Mangazina di Rei (1824) was originally used by the dutch government to store provisions for the slaves.The second oldest stone building on Bonaire now forms part of the center. Multi generations of Bonaireans are striving to maintain their local culture. An educator shared stories with me about the local ways. I appreciated his knowledge and commitment to preserving Bonaire’s culture.

For more information check out

To learn more about activities on Bonaire click on


Mindfulness Book Club – July 2015

July 13, 2015

Join me for a Mindfulness Book Club July 2015. We will be reading Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh.   We are so tuned into our daily lives and the clatter and noise that is joyful or not. We are deeply immersed in our routine  and schedules but what about the silence? What about being present? Come read the words of the great Thich Nhat Hanh and share your ideas and thoughts on how to be present.  Share strategies and processes that work. Come meditate with like minded individuals. The club will be an informal gathering at a lovely holistic center in Republiek, Namaste Relaxation Studio and my home in Belnem.  We will read, discuss and meditate and then have tea.

First Club: July 26 at Kaya Solo 3 in Belnem- 7 PM

To pre order your book email The club is free so bring a friend and join others as we celebrate living the mindful way.


Ann Phelan teaches Mindfulness and is devoted to bringing her practice to students on Bonaire. shopping

Bonaire Art and Craft Market

December 26, 2013

Bonaire celebrates local artisans and craftsmen spotlighting their talent at the Bonaire Art and Craft Market. Held at Wilhelmina Park during cruise ship season and off season on Fridays.

Hot Sauces

The market often has 40 vendors selling hot sauces, t shirts, arts, crafts, salts, soaps and local and regional cuisine.It’s a perfect time to see local artisans and learn about the culture on Bonaire. There is often local music and dance during the day. The setting is seaside with amazing photo opportunities. Come shop for the holidays and support local artisans. My favorite cuisine is Lisa’s Surinamese food. Get a box to go. Her Bami and Nasi is amazing!

Fruit Market at the park

Bonaire Bliss

April 8, 2013

Bonaire Diving 2013 from Jens Fredrik on Vimeo.

Jens and Anita Nygaard, long time special travel customers seek the solace of the underwater world of Bonaire annually. Above water, they are windsurf enthusiasts. Jens shared their recent video which beautifully captures the essence of their Bonaire Experience.

Masha danki, Anita and Jens! Until next year!

Accommodations: Elegancia Penthouse
Diving: Dive Friends-
Truck Rental: Budget
Travel Specialist: Ann Phelan at Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations

Raining Cats and Dogs in Bonaire

October 21, 2012

October through March is our rainy season. Compared to islands on the Eastern Caribbean chain, our rainfall is paltry, about 16 inches a year. Still, when it rains, I get quite excited. I am a New Englander so am accustomed to weather change. We need the rain for our parched landscape, for the feral animals and wild donkey population and our gardens. Soon, the trades return and the rains dissipate making perfect windsurf weather.

I am entering my 26th season booking trips to the Caribbean. I wish I kept track of the numbers of amazing clients I sent to paradise. So many stand out for various reasons. My honeymoons are favorites. As a windsurfer, I enjoy when lovers of the sport go to Bonaire for the first time and come back ready to book for the following year. The 20+ years of booking Antigua were some of my best years in the industry. I also have bittersweet memories of the 5 years I booked villas in Montserrat. That business came to a screeching halt in 1995 when Soufriere woke from a 400 year sleep.

I love the Caribbean and love the weather. A few of my favorite weather sites include and as well as local weather site and WindFinder

Some folks ask will it rain every day in Bonaire. It’s very rare but October tends to be the wettest month in my recollection. Soon, end of November the Christmas trades start to build and by mid Dec. we are back to the lovely winds Bonaire is best known for.

To book your windsurf vacation or talk weather, email me at

Help The Bonaire Donkeys

September 9, 2012

The fate of the donkey’s of Bonaire is in your hands. Previous plans (by the Bonaire government) to ship 100+ to Haiti was halted thanks to the protests from thousands of animal lovers. Three petitions garnered thousands of signatures. Efforts from the organizers of the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary and supported allowed for new more humane plans to go forward. The Sanctuary plans on capturing more donkeys in the wild and transfer them to the safe haven in the sanctuary. Your donations are needed to build walls and other structures to make space.

From the Donkey Sanctuary:

The aim is to build a construction to replace the old feeding station. Generous sponsors Werkcon, a Dutch steel fabrication company will donate the main structure & roof but funds will have to be raised to pay for the concrete floors which span 650 m2.
The Donkey Sanctuary is going to raise money by selling building blocks for $100 each. Every generous person that buys a building block will receive a certificate & their name will appear on the wall of fame in the new feeding station.
It is hoped that construction will be finished by March 2013 in time for the new donkey’s arriving.
If you would like to buy a block, you can do so by logging onto the website at
Of course, if you are unable to donate $100, any amount that you can manage will be very much appreciated by Bonaire’s special animals.
Thank you….

Would you consider a 100.00 USD donation. Go to to make a tax deductable donation.