Raining Cats and Dogs in Bonaire

October through March is our rainy season. Compared to islands on the Eastern Caribbean chain, our rainfall is paltry, about 16 inches a year. Still, when it rains, I get quite excited. I am a New Englander so am accustomed to weather change. We need the rain for our parched landscape, for the feral animals and wild donkey population and our gardens. Soon, the trades return and the rains dissipate making perfect windsurf weather.

I am entering my 26th season booking trips to the Caribbean. I wish I kept track of the numbers of amazing clients I sent to paradise. So many stand out for various reasons. My honeymoons are favorites. As a windsurfer, I enjoy when lovers of the sport go to Bonaire for the first time and come back ready to book for the following year. The 20+ years of booking Antigua were some of my best years in the industry. I also have bittersweet memories of the 5 years I booked villas in Montserrat. That business came to a screeching halt in 1995 when Soufriere woke from a 400 year sleep.

I love the Caribbean and love the weather. A few of my favorite weather sites include http://www.stormcarib.com and as well as local weather site http://www.meteo.an/index.asp and WindFinder http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/bonaire_atlantis&wf_cmp=7

Some folks ask will it rain every day in Bonaire. It’s very rare but October tends to be the wettest month in my recollection. Soon, end of November the Christmas trades start to build and by mid Dec. we are back to the lovely winds Bonaire is best known for.

To book your windsurf vacation or talk weather, email me at ann@bonairewindsurfing.com

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