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Help The Bonaire Donkeys

September 9, 2012

The fate of the donkey’s of Bonaire is in your hands. Previous plans (by the Bonaire government) to ship 100+ to Haiti was halted thanks to the protests from thousands of animal lovers. Three petitions garnered thousands of signatures. Efforts from the organizers of the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary and supported allowed for new more humane plans to go forward. The Sanctuary plans on capturing more donkeys in the wild and transfer them to the safe haven in the sanctuary. Your donations are needed to build walls and other structures to make space.

From the Donkey Sanctuary:

The aim is to build a construction to replace the old feeding station. Generous sponsors Werkcon, a Dutch steel fabrication company will donate the main structure & roof but funds will have to be raised to pay for the concrete floors which span 650 m2.
The Donkey Sanctuary is going to raise money by selling building blocks for $100 each. Every generous person that buys a building block will receive a certificate & their name will appear on the wall of fame in the new feeding station.
It is hoped that construction will be finished by March 2013 in time for the new donkey’s arriving.
If you would like to buy a block, you can do so by logging onto the website at
Of course, if you are unable to donate $100, any amount that you can manage will be very much appreciated by Bonaire’s special animals.
Thank you….

Would you consider a 100.00 USD donation. Go to to make a tax deductable donation.