Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Training

Enter the silence as you learn the art of Mindful Meditation. This practice can enhance your overall wellbeing, decreasing stress, improving social relationships, work performance and increased immune system performance. Your session includes an interview and assessment of your life spaces. An overview of Mindfulness will be presented and then you will have two guided session. The total training is 2 hours.  There is a seated meditation, walking and eating meditation. Group discounts of 3 or more apply.The session can be held at your home or at the beach.

Your training is led by Ann Phelan, an experienced counselor trained in Mindfulness.

2015 Training Schedule

Nov. 24, 25

Dec. 19th and 20th

Ann Phelan- 786 3134


Prices are 40.00 for an individual 2 hour session with a 30 minute follow up.

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