My Bonaire Garden

Miguelina and Ramon and my Yucca Crop

Six years ago we broke ground on my Belnem property and today my mature garden is flourishing. Enjoy some photos of my garden, a labour of love. Most of the plants came from my former Haitian gardener, Jean, but some from my Dominican builder and dearest friend, Ramon. A few I clipped some cuttings in my travels in Antigua and Anguilla.

Our island is fairly arid, receiving only 16 inches a year annual rainfall. This year we are experiencing tremendous rains. A local told me this amount of rainfall has not occurred since 1984. As a result of the copious rainfall, my garden is brilliant.

When it was time to decide how to border my property, I went the most economical route. I had some local Antillean men come in and put in a cactus fence. It was an amazing process that I documented with photos.

And six years later my fence is amazing. The cactus flower periodically and the Trupial birds savor the nectar. I love my live fence and love my garden.

My garden is the labour of an international mix of gardeners and plant lovers. It is what makes my house a home.

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