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Windsurf Bliss

December 29, 2012


The Christmas trade winds arrived in time for the holidays. Marguerite and I have been camped out at Jibe City for the holidays. We have been watching the windsurf scene from our lounge chairs, enjoying the lovely cuisine at Hang out Bar and I have been catching a few solid windsurf sessions. My absolute favorite sail is the 4.7 meter Neil Pryde Wizard. Jibe City has a slew of newly rigged sails and brand new lovely JP boards. They also just received a shipment of Fanatic boards with more volume for the beginner or heavier sailor.

The bay has been rocking with some nice chop in the mornings. By afternoon, things flatten out a bit. Out on the highway, the British Invasion domininates. Leader of the pack, Trevor, clocked up a holiday record of 53.6 km/hr (28.9 knots) recently. The family sails from early in the morning until late in the day. I will upload some photos later once I figure out a snafu with my upload system. Trust me, it’s nuking here. To book your windsurf holiday contact

Gert with newly rigged sails at Jibe City

Gert with newly rigged sails at Jibe City

Felis Ana Nobo from Bonaire

Windsurf News at Jibe City

December 31, 2011

Jibe City has a large stock of 2012 windsurf gear rigged and ready. Bonaire has been experiencing their best steady winds of the year with the average sail size being 5.5 for men and 4.2-4.7 for women. It’s been a great holiday windsurf season so far. With brand spanking new year, it’s time to book your windsurf vacation.

I recently demoed an amazing 99 liter JP Freestyle board. The graphics were cool but more important this is a sweet board. This light weight super wide board was a breeze to sail during a high chop session. I teamed the board up with a 4.9 Neil Pryde Fusion. It was a light sail with plenty of low end power to get up to a plane quickly. I didn’t full appreciate the sail as the wind conditions were a bit gusty but feel this HD version sail.

Gert - Manager at Jibe City

Jibe City is staffed by a tight cohesive group of dedicated professionals available to rig and caddy your gear, lend some gear advice or to offer lessons to hone your skills. Jibe City is the official site of Andy Brandt’s ABK Boardsports School. On site is Hang Out bar serving refreshing drinks and libations as well as healthy and delicious food treats.

To book your gear and ABK Board Sports clinic or lessons contact Ann Phelan, the Bonaire specialist at

Exocet Twin Fins

Look for a more detailed gear review in next week’s blog post. Bon Anja, Happy New Year from Bonaire!

Jibe City Gear Frenzy

January 12, 2011

JP Boards

Jibe City has enhanced their gear selection returning to the level of a high performance windsurf center. Gert de Mann overseas the operation and is assisted by Vanessa, Fen, Jayson, Fenn, Caesar, Jason and the rest of the windsurf team.

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is the only Bonaire based windsurf agency owned by a windsurfer. Discounted packages prevail so email for rates and specials.

Ezzy and Neil Pryde Sails

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is booking ABK Boardsport Clinic packages so call today. Limited space available for specific dates.

Jibe City Gear Inventory

December 21, 2010


Jibe City is ready to welcome you for their 2011 winter season. They have 30 new JP’s, 89 liter- 160 liter as well as 86 2011 Neil Pryde sails. Also in stock are 25 Ezzy’s, some F2’s and 21 Gaastra Kid Rigs.

Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is the only Bonaire based windsurf travel agency owned by a windsurfer. We have wholesale rates and offer competitive packages. Of course all of our clients have access to full island Concierge Services. Call 011 599 786 3134 or email

JP’s are IN!!

December 23, 2009

Jibe City just received a shipment of JP freestyle boards!! Just in time for the Xmas’s 24 knots plus right now.  Floris ordered a freestyle wave 92 L, 6 Supersports 100-138 liters, 6 Excite Rides 100-145 liters. End of January more Funrides and Freestyle Waves will be in stock. Email to reserve your gear rental. Ask for the Bonaire Bliss booking discount which applies for Jan. 2010 bookings.