Felis Ana – Happy New Year

In the Dutch Caribbean fireworks go on sale Dec. 26 and are legally sold on each street corner. Some innovative entrepreneurs have large containers chock full of a garrison of fireworks. They might even entertain with a DJ. It’s a full on competition. What the end result is days of banging and booming. The dogs hate it including my own.

My friends Larry and Mary had a pre New Years Eve party. Larry and few of our brave friends lit an arsenal on the beach. The spectators on the patio were treated to a light show extravaganza. The night sky was surreal. After, we dined on a sumptuous meal of Mexican delights and Margaritas. After, Larry and Mary’s German neighbors brought over a few Black Forest cakes. I have NEVER had anything so decadent.

Today I hope to hit a few Pagaras. A Pagara is when a business purchases a box of millions of tiny firecrackers all tied together. They lay them out strategically and then light them off. It can take 5-15 minutes. Some longer. There are reports of 3 mile long Pagaras in Curacao. The tradition I am am told is to ward off bad luck and herald in the new year.

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