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Felis Ana – Happy New Year

December 31, 2010

In the Dutch Caribbean fireworks go on sale Dec. 26 and are legally sold on each street corner. Some innovative entrepreneurs have large containers chock full of a garrison of fireworks. They might even entertain with a DJ. It’s a full on competition. What the end result is days of banging and booming. The dogs hate it including my own.

My friends Larry and Mary had a pre New Years Eve party. Larry and few of our brave friends lit an arsenal on the beach. The spectators on the patio were treated to a light show extravaganza. The night sky was surreal. After, we dined on a sumptuous meal of Mexican delights and Margaritas. After, Larry and Mary’s German neighbors brought over a few Black Forest cakes. I have NEVER had anything so decadent.

Today I hope to hit a few Pagaras. A Pagara is when a business purchases a box of millions of tiny firecrackers all tied together. They lay them out strategically and then light them off. It can take 5-15 minutes. Some longer. There are reports of 3 mile long Pagaras in Curacao. The tradition I am am told is to ward off bad luck and herald in the new year.