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My Parrot Bliss Today

July 24, 2011

Phoebe Greene Linden, MA parrot expert and ECHO volunteer

I was invited to volunteer for the feeding of over 80+ rescued Loras, Prikichis and Cockatiels. In case you missed my previous posts over 100 unweaned babies were found in squalor after being taken by poachers on Bonaire. STINAPA and local police rescued the babies and are under the care of Dr. Sam Williams and Echo Bonaire.

Pictures speak louder than words.

Baby Lora

Please support Echo Bonaire. 35 cc syringes are needed. There is no longer a need for baby parrot food. To donate contact Dr. Sam Williams at

35 cc syringes needed to feed the me for details

Please support

A special thanks to Phoebe Greene Linden, MA who is on site to support the effort.

Phoebe Greene Linden, M. A.
Santa Barbara Bird Farm, co-owner
IAABC Certified, Parrot Division #123

Charlotte and I feeding the babies..