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From Poached to Protected – The Bonaire Parrot Saga

July 22, 2011

Staff from Echo and STINAPA rescued 100 baby prikichis (local parrots) from a poacher on Bonaire. They were unwearned babies in bad condition. Dr. Sam Williams and staff rescued the babies and took them to a special location on Bonaire setting up a nursery. Since that rescue Echo and volunteers from around the world and island have been working feverishly to feed the parrots. Since the rescue parrot expert Phobe Linden, a parrot expert from the US, flew in to assist. I was able to observe a morning feeding session.

Poaching is a serious problem. The population of endangered Yellow-Shouldered Amazon Parrots is in decline..* As a result The World Parrot Trust and World Nature Fonds has provided monies to suppor this rescue effort.

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I will begin assisting in the feeding this week. To be continued!

* some source notes from the Bonaire Reporter

The Food the Babies Need Desperately