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Bonaire dogs are superdogs

Animal Shelter Bonaire launches dog sterilization campaign

“Bonny the Superdog” is a new initiative of the Animal Shelter Bonaire targeted at reducing the growing number of unwanted and neglected dogs, through a sterilization project. Goal is to sterilize 500 dogs within a one year period, starting as from May 15th 2009.

There are already too many dogs on Bonaire. The reason is that many dogs just run loose and get pregnant at a young age. That is why everyday new puppies are born and too many of them have no future. As most people don’t want so many dogs, they drop them off at the shelter or let them roam around. The dogs become stray dogs; they have no food, become sick, aggressive and cause problems. Because of this every year 1000 dogs are put to sleep. This can be prevented!

The best way to keep a dog healthy and prevent it from roaming around, is to have it sterilized. This is the best alternative for the dog owners and their dogs, and it prevents animal suffering. Female dogs are more alert after being spayed. Male dogs tend to stay around the house more after being neutered, since they are no longer interested in female dogs in heat. Therefore sterilizing of all dogs is beneficial.

Apart from sterilizing the animals, the Animal Shelter Bonaire also wants the residents of Bonaire to become more conscious of the importance of having their animals neutered, not only to prevent suffering amongst the animals but also for their own peace of mind.

The sterilization campaign “Bonny the Superdog” has been set up by the loyal volunteers of the Animal Shelter Bonaire; T-shirts and flyers have been designed and printed, all is pre-financed by the shelter.

Website Bonny the Superdog:
Website Animal Shelter Bonaire:

Press Release Courtesy of Bonaire Animal Shelter

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