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Bonaire Beach Art

June 28, 2014


When my daughter and I first came to Bonaire we used to take afternoon drives along the East coast in search of beach treasures. We were always and still are in search of a gold coin or something special. Alas, the most you find are shoes, lots of bottle caps, driftwood, lightbulbs and other typical junk that comes in from the shipping lanes. Some beachgoers create funky cool art at the beach using coral and junk. Here is my favorite of the month. The “beach man” even has an erect penis..

Bonaire Coral Man

Bonaire Coral Man

Photo of the Week

May 25, 2009

If you scroll down you will see my coral art post. I love the way folks in Bonaire take flotsam and jetsum and junk and make art. Well check out the photo I snagged from my pet sitters extraordinaire, The Bauman Bishops.  It was on Carlea’s Twitter page. Way cool kidz…