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Windy Week

January 15, 2010

Check out my fav weather/wind site, Wind looks stellar ramping from 20-25 knots and wave action finally hitting our shores. This is the perfect week to be in Bonaire coming up…feel the breeze, bend your knees as my first windsurf instructor, Patrick Scales used to say…(Windsurf Antigua)…

Old School Photo from the Archives

Wicked Wind

February 13, 2009

Windguru ( and our local weather forecaster ( were right on with the weather forecast. The winds have been great for our windsurf tourists. The ABK Clinic attendees are certainly having  a great time on the water. The next two weeks are easily two of the busiest weeks on island. If you can find some last minute airfare, call me at 800-219-0118. I have some killer last minute deals.  It’s 4.5-5.5 wind all the way.

Enjoy a photo of our rock star Kiri Thode on the water!!

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