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Mike Burns Freestyle Frenzy

March 2, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Mike Burns

I met Mike about 12 years ago on my home beach, West Dennis on sunny Cape Cod. He and his then girlfriend were windsurfers visiting from Long Island. Mike and Chrissy were light wind freestyling on a long board. We started a conversation and soon became great friends. Mike and Chrissy and I traveled several years to Cape Hatteras. Both competed in a pro event I co-ran, King of the Cape. Mike was the east coast champion due to his crazy slew of freestyle moves. He has progressed to being one of the US’s top freestylers and later ran his own event on Long Island.

Each year Mike and his Long Island posse head to Bonaire for 2-3 weeks of freestyle and windsurf fun. Mike and Chrissy found Bonaire when I recommended the island for their honeymoon.

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