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Mike Burns Freestyle Frenzy

March 2, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Mike Burns

I met Mike about 12 years ago on my home beach, West Dennis on sunny Cape Cod. He and his then girlfriend were windsurfers visiting from Long Island. Mike and Chrissy were light wind freestyling on a long board. We started a conversation and soon became great friends. Mike and Chrissy and I traveled several years to Cape Hatteras. Both competed in a pro event I co-ran, King of the Cape. Mike was the east coast champion due to his crazy slew of freestyle moves. He has progressed to being one of the US’s top freestylers and later ran his own event on Long Island.

Each year Mike and his Long Island posse head to Bonaire for 2-3 weeks of freestyle and windsurf fun. Mike and Chrissy found Bonaire when I recommended the island for their honeymoon.

Check out Mike’s blog

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COOL Windsurf Blog

September 11, 2009

Mike Burns, a Long Island windsurf maniac has created a really cool blog that shows promise. I expect it will feature videos, supremo photos and great windsurf commentary.

I met Mike and his then girlfriend Chrissy, (who he since married) on Cape Cod at West Dennis Beach in the late 90’s. We were all recreational windsurfers. Mike competed in a PWA event I co ran, King of the Cape. The rest is his history. He is the best East Coast based windsurfer. Mike’s moves are sick, truly. Mike and Chrissy and their Long Island Posse descend on the shores of Lac Bay each winter. It has been a true privilege booking their trips. Recently I attended the East Coast Windsurfing Festival. Mike and team did a stellar job with this event, drawing local and international riders including Caesar Finies and Ezri Heymans.

Take a peak into his world.

Team Bonaire Hits the Big Apple

June 2, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Blueharborcat

Photo Courtesy of Blueharborcat

Team Bonaire landed this past weekend in the Big Apple to attend the East Coast Windsurfing Festival. They are guests at the oceanfront home of Mr. and Mrs. Thom Herring in Long Island. Thom’s son Alex is an annual visitor to Bonaire. Alex is part of the Long Island Posse that arrives each February. Ann Phelan of Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations organizes this annual group trip where over 50 windsurfers descend on Bonaire to experience their favorite windsurf venue. One of the group members, Mike Burns and his colleague Michael Alex are coordinating the East Coast Windsurfing Festival.  Michael is a long time visitor to Bonaire and the author of the famous Peconic Puffin Windsurf Blog.

Ezri Heymans, Frederik Quadvlieg, Fra Assiz and Caesar Finies are set to compete this weekend at the windsurf festival. Other Bonaire repeaters competing at the event include Jill and George Marr who hosted a grande BBQ to welcome Team Bonaire. Check out two websites with more information on Team Bonaire’s visit to NY.