Help for Haiti

Help Haiti, that’s all that’s on my mind. I have had a Caribbean connection since 1987. I lived in Antigua, married a West Indian and lived the life in what was sometimes a third world existence. I lived without running water and plumbing. I lived in Grays Farm (Cook’s Hill), one of Antigua’s roughest neighborhoods. I saw the day to day existence of poor people and understood their resilience and determination. Later, I was part of a relief effort for Montserrat after a deadly hurricane. Next I saw the disaster caused by a dormant volcano that came to life. I realize how precious life is and how fragile many areas of the Caribbean are in reality. My family has Haitian connections. I am certain many of you do too.  My sister in law married a Haitian. My former gardener is Haitian. Haiti is part of the Caribbean community and during their darkest hour, they need our help.

Lastly a brilliant vivacious lovely young woman, Britney Gengel is missing.  I worked in the small town where Britney hails and know her family and the community. Britney along with her professors and fellow students traveled to Haiti from Lynn University to offer relief work. During the earthquake her fellow students were at the pool and escaped. Britney and others were inside Hotel Montana and up to today are missing. The hours tick away and chances of survival are slim. It is pure horror for her family. This is indeed harrowing times for too many.

Please take time to look at the many organizations that need your help.  Please during this tragic time consider donating whatever is possible, even 5.00. Anything will help. Together creating positive focus and effort sending out thoughts and prayers of hope and recovery is paramount. I believe in any miracle possible and hope you do too.

The most concise source of support listings can be seen on:

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