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Photo Frenzy

July 18, 2009


Take a peak at some amazing photos by my colleague Steve Thuell.  We worked the press boat together. You may remember Steve from Jibe City or Havana here in Bonaire? We had  a blast during the event this past week. Two more days of freestyle. Last night at Wilhelmina Park was outstanding. The awards ceremony was kick ass . The youth winners, Malte, Enes and Sebastian took over the event removing their shirts after their win and dancing on the stage. The finale was an amazing fireworks display over the harbour.  Tugboats and cargo boats tooted their horns in unison. It was quite a night.

Enes from Turkey

Enes from Turkey

Perfect Jibe Wojtek from Turkey

Enes the wild one from Alcati

Point 7 Sail

Point 7 Sail

Beth Winkler Grand Master 3rd Place - my hero

Beth Winkler Grand Master 3rd Place - my hero

Day 2 IFCA Slalom World

July 14, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Marcos at Seaelement

Photo Courtesy of Marco Di Gianvito - ACTIVEYEPHOTO

Today is Day 2 of the IFCA Bonaire Slalom World event. The winds are howling and our first race of the day is slated for 11 AM. I will be on the press boat so will have results and information online by 9 PM EST.

Wind junkies and wind watchers, check out for the latest weather report and our very own IFCA Bonaire Slalom World. Thanks to our sponsors, Windguru.

We have riders representing:
Turkey, Italia, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, USA, Argentina, UK, Netherlands, ABC Islands, Venezuela and Poland.

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