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Last Minute Bliss- Take Off Specials to Bonaire

August 20, 2014

Sometimes we have the golden opportunity to take off at a moment’s notice. Perhaps you completed a deadline and deserve to celebrate your success. Other times we simple need to re charge. Commencing this week, I will spotlight last minute deals to the sunny island of Bonaire. With the carnation of the new Delta Friday flight, serious deals are waiting to be had. I have been scouting prices and am astounded at the prices sometimes, many under 600 USD round trip. With the coral spawn approaching, September and October are the perfect times to get away. Email me for details. All specials apply to new bookings only.

Bellafonte –

Last minute for September and October, 5% off room rates (before tax and service) at this oceanfront luxury resort. I just snorkeled off the sunning deck and saw a plethora of sea life. This is an amazing luxurious property. Of course, I will hand select the best room category possible.

Email today for your last minute getaway. Dive specials include 150.00 pp for 6 days air with a free Nitrox upgrade.


Bonaire Fall / Early Winter Air Lift News

August 1, 2014

Press Release from Adams PR


Meetings at Routes Americas Result in Additional Service

Kralendijk, Bonaire – (March 24, 2014) – Commissioner of Tourism and Economic Development, Edsel Winklaar and TCB Director Ethsel Pieternella announce today that Bonaire’s attendance at Routes Americas and subsequent negotiations with Delta and United have resulted in increased service to Bonaire from the US.
Delta will add an additional weekly service on Friday, effective August 22, 2014, providing Bonaire with a Friday-Saturday pattern for the fall and early winter. Delta will operate a 737-800 on the flight with 16 Business Class seats and 138 Coach seats. The schedule will be the same as on Saturday:
DL flight 663 depart ATL 9:45am arrive in BON 1:55pm
DL flight 662 departs BON 3:59pm arrives ATL 7:22pm
Through a market support agreement with United, the Houston Flight will continue in September, providing uninterrupted service year-round. Both services have been added into the respective airlines’ systems.

To celebrate this additional service, Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is offering 5% discounts on select properties for new bookings Sept. – Nov. 2014. Email today for details.


Delta Global Entry News

October 7, 2010

If you are a Delta frequent flyer and travel to Bonaire often, it may behoove you to enroll in Global Entry a new immigration program that ensures a swift re entry into customs and immigration. Take a look.

Delta to Bonaire

Air News

May 14, 2010

The Tourism Corporation of Bonaire reports Delta Airlines has cancelled their JFK Bonaire winter service. Delta will continue service from Atlanta. Continental Airlines will continue air service from Newark and Houston. Insel is negotiating an interline agreement with USAir. As always AA has air service from Miami to Curacao two flights daily. Connecting air can be arranged with Divi, Insel, and DAE.

For further information contact the Bonaire specialists at Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations:

Travel Security Update from Delta

January 3, 2010

Advisory: Passengers may notice additional screening measures put into place to ensure the safety of the traveling public. Due to these additional measures and increased holiday travel, please arrive early for your flights.

For customers who are traveling from a non US location to the US, please arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance due to the new International Security measures.

Check for the latest updates.

Until further notice, the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) has disallowed carry-on bags for those passengers originating in Canada and traveling to the United States. Passengers will still be allowed one personal item, such as a purse or briefcase, to carry onboard the aircraft. For details, please see the CATSA Web site.

This measure supersedes Delta’s carry-on baggage policy, and customers will be charged the applicable checked bag fees for any baggage checked during this time.

Delta from BOS to Bonaire

December 22, 2009

I was in the US for 3 weeks and came back Sat. on Delta with Maggie. I am a FF on DL mostly using it to get to FL or Bermuda. I find the airline perfectly ok except for trying to redeem miles. Anyhoo, when I bought my tickets I was concerned about the 45 min layover. Having had 2 parties lose their flights in the summer, I did not want to take chances. Mags and I had a 6:05 PM flight from Boston to ATL Friday. We arrived at 4:15 and were put on stand by for the 4:45 as our flight was delayed waiting for aircraft to come in from some snowy area. Now here is the tricky part. The computer read we were flying domestically as we had an overnight in ATL so wanted to charge us 15.00 per bag. The other snafu was we did NOT want to claim our luggage in ATL but have it sent thru. Because we had an amazing gate agent it all worked out. She worked it out that all 3 checked pieces went thru, yes 3! She also gave us receipts sending our luggage straight thru to Bonaire.

We cleared the waitlist and boarded sitting in a two seater side in the bowels of the plane. We landed in ATL and walked for MILES to ground transport. We took a 11.50 US taxi to the Rennaisance (they have a free shuttle but I did not want to wait) and checked into a GORGEOUS room (84.00 AAA rate) with Aveda products, great bedding and windows that opened. We took showers and ordered pizza delivery from Best Pizza. A large cheese and fresh mushroom was 10.69 and arrived in 20 min.!! The crust was odd but the cheese and sauce great. Off to sleep…woke at 6, went to the business center and checked in online and printed boarding passes, took the 7:20 shuttle and chaos ensued upon arrival. ATL was chaos. I have not traveled peak time since 2002 so was in shock. The lines were massive…thankfully we walked right to security. There were ski lift lines moving very fast but long..took 30 min to clear security BUT it was efficient and I commend the staff. Then we took the train to Terminal E. I have a Business Platinum AX and so we went into the hugely crowded First Class lounge..noisey and busy. Went to the gate at 9 and boarded. We were in row 30 and had two aisles adjacent but the plane was not full so everyone moved around and Mags and I had her row with the middle open. We had to sit and wait 1 hour because luggage kept being loaded. The last minute another luggage cart came and lo and behold I saw our 3 pieces get loaded. Phew…it worked. We finally left 1 hour late. The flight was EXTREMELY bumpy and the family we called the Swine Flu family (in front of us) coughed for 4 hours. Dad not ONCE covered his mouth. Ugh…I slept most of the flight. We landed the same time as Arkefly. You can imagine our dismay knowing the lugggage situation. The immigration lines were massive and a few little ones needed their nappies changed DESPERATELY. When we got into the luggage area more chaos. Anyone who has flown in when two major carriers knows that the luggage on the conveyor needs to come off so other luggage can be loaded. Last Nov. I tried to round up a few men to help me and they looked at me like I was insane. This time I decided to let someone else brainstorm the problem. The same pieces went round and round..finally Julianna and another tiny girl from ground services started unloading..I joined in…then later a brawny guy took over…why don’t they have one person handling this all the time, I have no clue. It took us 1 hour to get our pieces.

So, would I do DL again? NO WAY..too much stress…CO from Newark for me the best plan. In the winter if I need to travel will do AA to CUR and then DAE.


Delta Adds New Flight to Bonaire

April 4, 2009

Commencing Oct. 2 Delta will add a new flight from ATL to BON non stop. Flight 671 will depart ATL at 4 PM arriving Bonaire 8 PM.  This is a Fri. departure.  It will overnight and the return will depart at 9 Am on Sat. arriving ATL at 12:25 PM. This is great news for those requiring later connections into ATL.

Delta will operate a Boeing 737-800 jet with seating capacity for 160. This new service is in addition to Delta’s current weekly flights from Atlanta to Bonaire, as well as their non-stop service from New York’s JFK Airport.