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Bonefishing on Bonaire

September 24, 2015

Bonefishing on Bonaire: the pursuit or art of capturing and releasing the elusive Warashi. The shallow, gin-clear flats of Bonaire are home to these shiny, iridescent graceful creatures. As a windsurfer, planing on the water, I often see Bonefish gliding under my board. Sometimes, walking in the shallows, they dart around my feet, shyly playing. In Bonaire, they are called Warashi. I have watched many clients Bonefish in Bonaire. One invited me to try it on a sunny windless day. As a person who practices and teaches Mindful Meditation, I can say, Bonefishing is Zen. Quietly, oh so serenely standing in the crystal clear water, posturing your body, making careful, deliberate motions with your crafted rod is mindful. It’s quite peaceful.  i was not successful that day but I was told practice makes perfect.

Capture the elusive Bonefish on Bonaire- Photo by Heino Timmerman

Capture the elusive Bonefish on Bonaire- Photo by Heino Timmerman

To learn more about Bonefishing on Bonaire, email the water sports specialist, Ann Phelan at Bonaire is an unspoiled Caribbean outpost. You will often be the only one out on the flats. This is a secret spot so hush, come and experience the lure of the Warashi.

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Bonefishing in Bonaire – A Well Kept Secret

August 1, 2013

Whispers in the bonefishing world suggested there as a killer spot to fish. I heard about bonefishing in Bonaire from my friend John Mark from Long Island. He took me out to the shallow waters of Lac Bay and we fished for hours. Since that day, I have welcomed several bonefisherman who have enjoyed the pristine unspoiled waters. Captain Chris from Piscatur has been taking out my clients over the years.

From Piscatur Fishing Charters Website:

Bonaire has managed to remain a truly special kind of secret destination. The southeast of Bonaire offers several square miles of premium bonefishing grounds with shallow, crystal clear warm water of only 3 feet maximum depth.

Bonefishing here is 100% safe, no sharks, no sea urchins, no stinging jellyfish, no blister worms, no eels, nor anything else to worry about! The hard, sandy bottom affords very easy wading. Here on Bonaire, bonefishing is all wading.

The average Bonefish weighs between 3 and 6 pounds, although 8- to 9-pound fish are regularly caught. The largest bonefish ever caught was over 12 pounds! Permit range between 10 to 20 pounds average, with the largest caught ever being over 30 pounds! Other fishes are also in the flats: ladyfish, gray snapper, barracuda, and several more species.

Lac Bay Bonefishing

Lac Bay Bonefishing

To book your bonefishing adventure, contact Ann Phelan of Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations at She has unique packages including rustic bungalows right on the bay teeming with bonefish to luxurious villas on the oceanfront.

Enjoy the photo of a nice Permit!