Children of the Wind Fundraiser

From TCB Inc.

Please be informed that a Kickstarter page has been set up to raise funds for the production of the documentary “Children of the Wind”. You can learn more about Kickstarter from their site, but basically it is a fund raising site that is quite selective in the independent films and documentaries that it will accept, and the success rate is huge. It’s also an “all or nothing” campaign, which gives a time limit and an amount, so donors have plenty of incentive to contribute. Here is the page with the pitch and the new trailer:

Within a day of being set up, over $1,500 in pledges came in. At this moment 22 people/organizations have backed up the project. Total pledged amount is $7220. Goal is $20,000 and there are 35 more days to go.

Parallel to this…
The shooting team will be present at Sylt, Germany later this month to shoot the Bonaire pros, do more interviews with the pros, and others, shoot the landscape of Sylt with the Bonaire pros which will give enormous contrast to Bonaire, to do “verite” footage of the Bonaire pros (lifestyle footage as they are being followed around), cover the competition, and to generally network the documentary with industry reps and European press, magazines and TV networks that will be there covering the event. The PWA site indicates that 200,000 people will attend over 10 days. The pros have been notified and are all “pumped” to know the team is attending! Pete – member of the team – is helping Robert and Daphne to get to Sylt, while he himself is busy with the filming of the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Photo Courtesy of Marguerite Wynter


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