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Washington Park Update

August 11, 2011

Blowing Hole

3 weeks ago I took the short route with a friend into the park ending at Slaagbai. This past weekend my visiting boyfriend and I took the long route to Playa Chikitu, Kokolishi and all around. It was simply breathtaking. The entire trip with many stops took 5 hours. I recommend the long route very much.

Check out the website for more details.

For now enjoy photos of a lovely day. If you go have a truck or jeep with high clearance and food and water.

Sorobon Beach Resort – My “Staycation”

August 9, 2011

I just returned from a “Staycation” at Sorobon Beach Resort. The management hosted my stay this weekend. As a travel agent, it is imperative I personally inspect each property I market. Staying as a guests affords me the unique opportunity to fully immerse myself into the surroundings so I can better market my product.

Boat Stuck on the Reef at Sorobon

Maike welcomed my companion and I on Sunday afternoon. She escorted us through the lovely mature Caribbean gardens leading us to cottage 16. I am no stranger to Sorobon having had lunch several times and having visited to inspect units over the past 10 months. I have had the privilege of sending over 20 guests to the property and look forward to welcoming more after my own “staycation”. Our bungalow was cozy and casual offering all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. There was AC, kitchenette, safe, comfy bed, casual furishings and a hammock and patio chairs. The views from our room were splendid.

Bungalow 15 and 16

As we gazed out at sea there was a reefed boat sitting on the coral wall outside Lac Bay. It was a sad sight to see a boat owner suffer such a loss and also the obvious damage to the reef. In the distance many windsurfers were visible enjoying the light trades. On the beach deck, many locals and tourists were enjoying lunch. It was “Sandwich Sunday” and a DJ was playing music. The setting was magical.

Patio Seaside Deck

As the nighttime arrived and the stars came out, the entire area was transformed into the most romantic tranquil setting. The night sounds were the rustling palms, the lapping waters on the shore and the gentle breeze. I loved the solitude of the bay at night.

We snorkeled the reef, a 20 min walk up to the coral wall. Towards the last stretch it is important to snorkel in so not to disturb the precious coral. We were mindful not to touch or distress any of the living coral or sea life. We saw an abundance of fish and sponges and some pretty healthy coral.

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