Fresh Fish on Bonaire

When my guests are planning their trip one of the top requests for information is where to buy local fish to prepare in their villa or condo. There is nothing like fresh Caribbean fish.  Most menus on island feature Wahoo and Dradu. Dradu if I am not mistaken is Mahi Mahi. I prefer it to Wahoo which can be firmer in texture.


Some of my favorite places to buy fish are as follows:

Doei Diaz
J.A Abraham Boulevard
next to Richard’s Restaurant

Doei is the Dad to windsurf guru Elvis Martinus. Head over around 3 PM and ask for fresh fish. It’s usually sold in bags with steaks vs filets. The building is pink.

Luis Wijman (also known as Junie)
Kaya Gutu, Antriol

Turn left on the paved road, Kaya Karpitan, just south of Progresso Supermarket in Antriol. Turn right on the second road on your right, Kaya Purunchi. Then take the second left, Kaya Gutu, it’s the second house on the left hand side of the road.

Nilo and Luvia Josephia
Kaminda Lac (the winding road to Sorobon)

The second to last house on the right on the road to Lac Bay/Sorobon. If you come to the ballfield you went too far so go back. The house is brown and there is a sign “aki ta bende piska”. The blackboard and open gate indicate when they have fish.

Fish Marinade Recipe

fresh lime juice

fresh thyme

Garlic minced


Bon appetiteFresh Fish For Lunch

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4 Responses to “Fresh Fish on Bonaire”

  1. Vince D Says:

    Nice blog Annie. Enjoyed reading it. Dorado (spanish) is in fact dolphin (the fish) also known as mahi mahi in Hawaii. I love to eat fish and buon appetito to you also!! :>)
    ps nice pics of you by the way

    • caribchakita Says:

      Got it, so Dorado in Spanish is Dradu in Papiamento …thanks for the update Vince and your kind comments are so welcome..cheers to the furkid and your lovely wife. Please post your favorite fish recipe??

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