My friends have owned Capriccio’s since as long as I have been traveling or living on Bonaire. They moved from their location next to City Cafe and have settled where Blue Moon used to be on Kaya Charles Helmund near the cruise ship/Don Andres dock. The building is massive and quite modern. The outdoor setting has several private booths I highly recommend. There is a small bar for two to pick up take out and perhaps have a drink. Inside the walls are lined with large wine racks. I believe Lola has the best wine list on island and if not the ABC islands. The room is brightly lit with modern fixtures. The ceilings are high. This does create a rather lively dining environment when the room is full as it was last night. There is also a boutique with assorted Italian gourmet items.

The servers are the same. The menu remains the same. Capriccio’s features homemade pasta which in my opinion is sublime. The bread is always outstanding, the bruscetta full of fresh tomatoes,extra virgin oil oil and lovely fresh shaved garlic. My friends (from Italy) and I ordered pasta. I had the shrimp and pasta which was garlicky and delicious. A small house salad accompanies the meal. My friend ordered a bottle of Torcicoda Primitivo (Twist the Tail). It was full bodied perfect to a rich savory pasta.

The table had expressos, I passed. I enjoyed my dining experience with great friends. I wish Lola, Andrea and Mauro the best in their new venue. It’s quite lavish and special.

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