Bonaire Faces

Here is a face on Bonaire many of you know. His name is Ralph Stewart but you may know his as Moogie. (face to the far right)  Moogies’ is one of the top musicians on island serenading tourists and locals at several hot spot party zones. Moogie, a resident of the island hails from Florida. Over 17 years back he came to Bonaire and still remains. I met him in 2001 when I was at Habitat at the famous  Monday Night Rum Punch Party. He was singing lively island style music at the oceanfront Deco Bar at Rum Runners. It was a fabulous time. He is an island institution.  Since first meeting we have become friends. We share a love for reading.Moogie can take on a good debate. He is animal lover too. I always look forward to seeing him.  Recently we had a fun time during Xmas with the Koos van Dijk Family, The Stewart Family and my family. Moogie is one of a kind. He plays at Rum Runners Monday Nights 6-8, Wed. 7-9 at Cactus Blue and Thur. at Habitat again at Rum Runners. You may also find Moogie Friday nights at Buddy Dive’s Rum Punch Party. He is at the Divi Hotel on select nights as well. His music is fun and will have you jumping on the dance floor.

Koos, Ray and Moogie

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2 Responses to “Bonaire Faces”

  1. BJ Claxton Says:

    What do you know!! I googled you and low & behold!! Bonaire huh??
    17 years!! You must love it!

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