Carnival 2009


I have been to quite a few Carnivals in the past years. Antigua Carnival was always a favorite. It’s a week long event with J’Ouvert Morning being the climax. The Burning Flames were always a favorite act to follow at Jam Pond and during Carnival. I saw Carnival in St. Kitts and Sint Maarten as well. Never did I experience the big one in Trinidad. Someday. I have been to Carnival a few times here in Bonaire. It’s a small local event but colorful and fun filled just the same.   Typically the earlier parades start mid day. The final parade is at night finishing with the burning of the Carnival King, Momo (a stuffed character). Dress with fun in mind but wear comfy shoes if you follow the parade. There is plenty to drink in town and some restaurants are open serving food. It all starts this year Feb. 14:

Feb. 14 Kids Parade in Rincon

Feb. 15 Kids Parade in Kralendijk

Feb. 21 Adult Parade in Rincon

Feb. 22 Carnival Parade in Kralendijk

Feb. 25 Farewell Parade in Kralendijk

Carnival Bonaire

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