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Getting to Bonaire

February 3, 2009

As a travel agent I have learned the most current ways to scour the internet for the best possible deals for my clients. My favorite search engine is You may download the software free and enter in your flights for as many trips as needed. Yapta will automatically notify you if the fare drops. I have seen AA flights fluctuate hundreds of dollars in one day. Yapta has saved my clients and I thousands of dollars. Kayak is a great site. You have to know how to fine tune your searches but their daily or weekly email alerts are great. Presently we have Sat. non stops from JFK (Delta) and Newark (Continental),  Atlanta (Delta) and Houston (Continental). There is also a non stop Friday night on Continental from Houston.  You may fly AA into San Juan Tue. Thur. and Sat. American Eagle flies from San Juan  to Bonaire but there is a long layover sometimes in Puerto Rico. Never fear, I have done it many times and have great tips on cool things to do so contact me.  Insel flies from Miami to Curacao and on to Bonaire. My client Jerry just flew this route and swears by it. From Amsterdam, Martinaire flies into Curacao. KLM has non stops daily from Amsterdam. Arkefly has two weekly flights from Amsterdam. If you need air from South America, there are many options so contact me, please.  It pays to know your search engines and to use them. I recommend Kayak and Yapta for my Caribbean bound clients.

American Eagle

Cheap Air to Bonaire

January 18, 2009

There are some decent airfare sales on AA this week. Travel by mid March. The sales for Delta and Continental might be over but it’s worth a check. Here are the flight schedules and current info:

Insel has air Miami to Curacao and then on to Bonaire

AA flies non stop from Miami to Curacao and then a puddle jumper on Divi to Bonaire.

AA flies into Bonaire via San Juan Tue. Thur. and Sat. and returns Wed. Fri. and Sun.

Continental has a red eye Sat. night from Newark non stop arriving Sunday.

Continental has a red eye non stop Sat. and Sun. from Houston.

KLM flies from Amsterdam daily.

Delta has a non stop Sat. from JFK and Atlanta.

I use to watch airfares for my travel dates fluctuate. When they drop, I buy.

Flamingo Airport