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The Cove Wins

March 8, 2010

Hollywood nodded their heads to the controversial documentary, “The Cove” bestowing the Best Documentary award at last nights 82nd Academy Awards. If the dolphins knew they would be singing with joy and leaping in the air. The film is about the controversial annual dolphin hunt held in  the Japanese whaling town of Taiji.  Directed by Louie Psihoyos, one of the world’s prominent still photographers the film depicts this horrible annual slaughter.

Please google the film today.

Why is this on a Bonaire Blog? Because our sister island Curacao has a dolphin prison whereas tourist flock to swim with the dolphins…please consider not supporting such programs including Seaquarium, Seaworld and any other mammal prisons. Bonaire takes pride in respecting nature. To know our neighbors have such a program leaves many shocked in disbelief. 30 miles away, lovely dolphins are prisoners.