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Bonaire Snorkeling

January 13, 2009

Turtles Hatching at Klein BonaireKlein Bonaire

Bonaire, best known for being “Diver’s Paradise”, happens to offer a myriad of shore snorkeling options. I would guess there are over 40 snorkel sites right off the road. The sites, marked with yellow rocks are managed by our amazing park authority, STINAPA. I happen to have a few favorite sites to share.  A few meters past the Invisibles rock (past Cargill Salt) is an easy entry  access that offers great snorkeling. Here you may see a spotted eagle ray and many juvenile fish. Post Omar (Oct.) the entry is mostly rubble but I went in the other day with bare feet.  Another great spot is Tori’s Reef. Park at Pink Beach and drift/snorkel north towards Tori’s at the bridge. It’s an undersea garden of delightful corals and fish. It’s an easy walk back to Pink Beach or snorkel back.

My favorite Northern  site, Andrea I was hit with Omar and I have not been back since but it’s got to be the nicest spot. I snorkel barefoot so the entry was a little tedious but the schools of blue Doctor Fish,  the eels and the other sea creatures always thrilled me.

My favorite escape is to take the water taxi to Klein Bonaire. This quiet little island has great snorkeling and a pristine beach.  This is where our turtles nest so tread carefully and look in the sea for a lovely mother swimming along.  Go on the first taxi as the mid day sun is strong and there is little shade.  Enjoy the day and leave only your footprints behind.

What is your favorite snorkel spot?