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Stand Up Paddle – No Wind Fun

December 20, 2010

There are days when the wind shuts down in Bonaire. As frustrating as it is for this who follow the wind, there are other fantastic diversions to please the sea lover. Naturally diving and snorkeling prevail as our entire island is a protected marine park. A few years back, Starboard sponsored me with a Stand Up Paddle Board.

Also known as SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be traced back to the old days in Polynesia. In the 1940s, Waikiki Beach Life Guards used to stand on their surf boards paddling around to patrol the beaches. The craze caught on and is big. Facebook, the popular Internet social program, has a SUP group as well. Almost every board company now fabricates and sells a version of the SUP. On a light wind day why not try what everyone’s talking about, SUP. We did and had a blast.