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Surinamese Take Out Bliss – Mati’s in Bonaire

August 19, 2015

I am a self – professed foodie, always in search of the ultimate in food. My favorite dining is discovering a mom and pop style hole-in-the-wall. Today, whilst getting my manicure at the best place in Bonaire, Vanidades, Dee from Woodwind dropped in. After catching up on family and travel news, our conversation turned to food.  Dee, being from Trinidad and Tobago (AKA T&T) knows Roti. If you have sampled Roti around the Caribbean you know, Trini’s serve it up Burrito style while in Bonaire, Surinamese Roti is served with the curry and veggies on the side and the Roti separate. Me, I am prefer my Roti Trini style but hey, I will take what I can get here. I do miss Roti King from my life living in Antigua. My daughter and I would run, not walk there soon after arriving on island. Their Roti is delicious and big enough to feed two. Back to Bonaire Roti. You can get it many places now but it’s not always the best Roti. What makes a good Roti? It should be made with ghee and a Tawa (pan). It should be light and chewy but not stiff and thick.

So far, my favorite Roti is the one served by Jana at Dive Huts on Tue. night. Jana does not make the Roti herself but it’s very thin, buttery with Ghee and slightly flakey. The consistency is perfect. Someone labours with love making this Roti. Back to Dee! Dee, a Roti lover herself swears by Mati’s Restaurant on Kaya Korona. I thought I knew about all the local food hot spots but Mati’s was unknown to me.  Dee procured the number and suggested I go sooner than later.

I must digress; my foodie boyfriend, who happens to be 6’3″ 180 can eat anything. He just left Bonaire, rested and tanned. I remained behind having gained a few from a few too many cocktails and dinners out. I have a 5 K road race the 29th and am back to training, attending spinning and yoga classes and hikes up Sera Largu. Clean eating is the order of the day, food wise. Roti is definitely not on my eating plan anytime soon. Still, I wanted some protein and vegetables and soon would learn, Mati’s could deliver.


I called ahead and spoke to a friendly English speaking woman. I explained I was eating clean and wanted fish or chicken and vegetables. She told me she would prepare something nice for my “diet” and to come on in.  Mati’s is located smack dab next to Flamingo TV and Alpha Omega Laundry. The side street is now paved, thank goodness for my ole Corolla. There is ample parking on the side and in front.

Inside, it’s sparkling clean and oh so friendly. The lady answering the phone is the co-owner, Marijke. Her husband, the chef is Rudolph Lamidi. Rudolph once ran a food truck near Cultimara (Top Grocery) and later moved back to Holland. Thankfully, he is back, spinning out some delicious Surinamese Cuisine. I had a lesson in Surinamese Food 101 as I navigated the incredible menu. The food is heavy on rice, noodles, egg and flavor. Fresh spices and herbs come in from Suriname to enhance the dishes. As I was speaking to Rudolph, a steady flow of locals came in for take out orders. I was able to sample a lovely Saoto Soep, fresh homemade chicken soup. It was the best soup of my life! My meal consisted of fresh chicken cooked in lovely spices with delicious veggies including green beans, bean sprouts and tomatoes. The price for a large portion was 7.50!



If you are craving fresh and delicious Surinamese food, give Mati’s a try. It’s the real deal.  Try the Moksi Metie, sausage and meat or the Pom, healthy meat and vegetables. A customer who was waiting for her food suggested a few other Surinamese dishes on the menu. The steady stream of take out orders was a good sign of things to come. My food was satisfying and delicious. Bring your reusable container and say no to styrofoam!


Kaya Nikita 5

Telephone: 780 7911

Food For Friends – Food Delivery and Catering on Bonaire

November 26, 2013
Lekker Cuisine

Lekker Cuisine

Roland Aarts has recently opened, Food for Friends, a local catering and food delivery service on Bonaire. I met Roland awhile back when we both worked at a small resort. I personally sampled his sumptuous cuisine and loved his skill and style. Roland has a flair for creative food preparation. Now, he has full creative license with his own company Food for Friends. He specializes in Indonesian and Surinamese foods and other international menus.

Roland catered a private party for me last winter and made a trio of local fish ceviche. The lionfish tartar was the star of the night. His plating and presentation was magnificent.

Recently, I have sampled several incredible meals including Suriname spicy roasted chicken with bami, fried banana, tomato & atja. Roland respects my dietary needs and is able to adjust his menu when needed. Price per person is 14.50 with tax and delivery (gratuity extra).

Contact Roland at

Food For Friends (+599) 785-8228
Open from Sunday to Thursday.
Free Delivery on location.

Dining Update Last Week

December 1, 2009

I seemed to have had a dining week and my waistline on my skirt felt it yesterday. Friends invited me to dine at Harbour Village for Thanksgiving. La Balandra is certainly one of the nicest dining spots but food has been mediocre at best and recently, it was closed to the public. Now with a new F&B manager and some public hours it will be interesting to see what transpires. We had the Thanksgiving menu. Staff were very attentive in fact over the top. My friends reside at HV so perhaps that was the reason for the incredible reception. We all ordered the turkey menu. Our menu started with a nice salad with candied walnuts and cranberries. The turkey was a small but decent portion of dark and white meat with a nice gravy. There was mashed yucca which was very stick to your ribs but tasty. There was a formed stuffing which was another stick to your rib dish and again tasty and finally grilled frozen corn we could not eat. It was too sticky/gummy and was sticking to our teeth. We had a good laugh. The setting is magical, on the water with the breezes steady keeping the night comfy and bug free. It was a lovely night. The food was really good but knowing the prices in the past, I doubt I could afford to dine on my own. I would  certainly consider it for lunch with out of towners sometime. The staff are South American, Mexican and Antillean. I enjoyed their service well.

My amazing friends from Milan invited me for apero’s and then dinner.  What fun!! We had no reservations so could not get into their first choice, Rains Fishes. We ended up on a street table at La Guernica. I have eaten here once but do not love it because one dines on the street where the American Graffitti like traffic procession of young locals goes by….I must have waved at 30 people during my dinner. I prefer a more private experience.  First of all, the young Dutch servers were pleasant and very efficient.  We all ordered the fresh fish, Erika and I had barraccuda in lime sauce (on the side) and Claudio had the Mahi Mahi. The price was 39, 00 naf/21.00 USD for dinner with just water as we had drinks before.  If you like tapas or fish dine here but ask for a table on the back.

The next night I treated the Italians and my friend Matt to dinner at Mi Banana, a Columbian owned hole in the wall across from our famous brothel Pashi’s Place. With Pashi’s pretty pink and red lights it was a fun and  giddy experience for the newcomers. The restaurant is lively with bright lights. The bar crowd is busy but not over the top noisey. I always dine here and rely on great service and fresh fish. We all had the red snapper filet in garlic sauce with rice and veggies. I had so much I brought the leftovers to the cats. We had aperos first at the Italians so food only, fresh bread and water for 56 USD for 4. What a steal.

Wed. night I had girls night with two friends who reside on island and our other friend, a flight attendant for KLM. We wanted Roti so dined at Cocos on the waterfront. The place is VERY casual and simple. The fare is Surinamese. Our server a lively fun local guy kept us laughing. The Roti came quickly. It was typical Surinamese style with the curry on the side and the Roti folded neatly, to be used as a means to fill or push the food into your mouth. We also had lovely Surinamese style green beans and pickles. It was 20,00 naf for the Roti or 11.00 USD. I had fruit punch but forgot the price.

I am on the food wagon today…in 16 days, more friends come and naturally more eating and drinking..

Happy Holidays.. Bon Pasku

Not Coco's Roti but Trini Roti from Smokeys in Anguilla

Caribbean Recipes, What is Your Favorite

July 3, 2009

I love Caribbean cooking, The blends of the aromatic spices, fresh herbs and unique produce make dining in the islands unforgettable. My mother in law’s Pepperpot is still a favorite. I often crave Roti at random days in the year. I try and cook some Caribbean inspired recipes. My favorite is Caribbean Black Cake made at Christmas. Remind me to post that recipe. For now here is an easy recipe.  I would love to have a copy of one of your favorites.

Caribbean Inspired Shrimp and Pineapple Kabob


Antigua Black Pineapple or Dole chunks

Wooden Skewers soaking in ice water

Dark Rum

Brown Sugar

Pineapple or OJ

Squeeze of lime

Make the marinade. Skewer the shrimp and Pineapple



Caribbean Shrimp

Caribbean Shrimp