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Mas Quito

August 1, 2010


We are back from Ecuador with mixed feelings. Quito is a unique city filled with amazing museums and cathedrals and tourist attractions. We found the people to be warm and inviting. It appears dogs are well loved all over and were cared for in the villages and in the city. That was a welcome sight. The air quality in Quito was abysmal. There seems to be no emission standards so busses blast dark lung choking smoke. We had a very hard time breathing combined with the altitude and my flu. Our hotel choice was a mistake so I will skip over that part. We did see some lovely hotels including international chains. Dining in Quito includes inexpensive Alamuerza’s (set lunch menus cheap) to gourmet cuisine. I will highlight our 3 gourmet meals later in a future blog as our experiences deserves it’s own post. We loved Museo Guyasamina and Capilla del Hombre as well as Compania de Jesus Ingles in Plaza Grande. I became quite ill in the country on day 3 and was ill until I returned home so we curtailed many tourist stops. We throughly enjoyed or visit to Cafe Velez, a small boutique coffee and chocolate purveyor. I recommend a visit to to learn more. The ginger dark chocolate was amazing.

For those residing in the ABC islands Ecuador is a must do. For tourists visiting the islands consider a jump over to Ecuador. A 2-5 night stay is possible easily or longer.

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Quito Night At Cafe Mosaico for Drinks