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Mount Scenery Saba

August 9, 2010

I live in Bonaire and always wanted to visit our sister island Saba. Saba is a few hundred miles away but so close with DAE and Insel providing air service to Sint Maarten. There I can arrange your quick flight on Winair to Saba. The prices in Saba are from budget to high end. This island is about eco tours, diving and hiking. Hiking was on my agenda and I had plans to try a few trails and Mount Scenery. The base to Mt. Scenery is in Windwardside and the hike is around 2.5-3 hours. I also hiked the Dancing Place Trail. Lovely views of Statia, St. Kitt and Nevis.

There are 1064 steps up the 877 m elevation (almost 3000 feet). It is the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and I hiked it!

Breakfast at Scouts Place

I had a light breakfast at Scouts Place and borrowed a walking stick and bought a 2 liter bottle of water. I started up the hill at 8:15. Recently I had some sort of horrid flu whilst in Ecuador so still felt clammy and feverish. Still I was undaunted by my malady and headed up. The grade is quite steep and the cement steps are slippery from moisture and moss. When I reached the House on the Path and then the Eco Lodge I was quite winded. I took a break to listen to the tree frogs and the birds.

House on the Path

Along the way I saw some Saba Anole Lizards, Thrashers, I think a Purple Throated Hummingbird and Red Bellied Racer Snake. I also saw a fat rat, a black bull and a sad donkey tangled up near the Eco Lodge. Can someone check in on this fellow?

Near Eco Lodge

The flora and fauna was massive and beautiful. When I sat and rested I found the sounds of the rainforest calming and delightful. It was truly an amazing place.

I wish I could have shown the entire leaf..all over the Elfin Forest

The trail is pretty steep and the moisture and moss make for slippery conditions. There were three shelters thanks to Cable and Wireless for rest. I was all alone on the trail until 9:30 when I came upon 4 medical students heading down. They were covered in mud. I was advised to stick to the right trail at the top. They told me I was more than half way there.

The final 3rd of the trail was grueling. I felt lightheaded and was soaked in sweat. The walking stick was essential. I had already consumed a liter of water. I forged ahead.

The Summit

At the top I stayed to the right passing the cell towers. The clouds were intense but I did get a 30 second glimpse of the village below. I prayed and meditated up top and enjoy feeling so close to the sky and nature. It was pure joy.

Descending was tricky. The cement was slick and my legs were like rubber feeling a little shakey. I came upon about 30 hikers all around 20 ish and most medical students. A few were zipping up the hill and most heaving with winded breath.

At the bottom I met James Johnson at the Trail House and had a nice chat. I earned a certificate of completion and had a long rest. I arrived at 11 AM, it took about 3 hours with many stops on the way up and no stops down.

Hiking Trail Center run by James Johnson