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Spice In Bonaire – A New Dining Experience

December 16, 2010


Bonaire – Last month the owners of Eden Beach Resort have agreed to lease all their Food & Beverage operation and facilities to a group of local and international business men. The new venture will be called SPICE BEACH CLUB and will be build in the well known spot of Bongo’s at Eden Beach.

The founders of SPICE BEACH CLUB have experience in restaurant and beach clubs in Bonaire and around the Caribbean.
Bongo’s used to be a very well recognized location in Bonaire and some time ago the busiest as well, SPICE BEACH CLUB have all the intention to revive the location and enhance the facilities. In an effort to exceed everybody’s expectation, we have contracted the world renowned architect and designer PIET BOON to fully design the entire establishment which will consist of one restaurant and bar, swimming pool, a beach bar and the entire beach layout.

The décor will be contemporary and stylish with the right balance of sophistication complimenting the natural beauty already present in the surroundings. We are fully committed to bring to Bonaire some new elements not yet seen in the island
SPICE BEACH CLUB will be much more than a venue; it will be a destination, where our guests will be able to soak up the sun in the best beach in Bonaire, snorkel and dive with our partner WANNADIVE, while enjoying some irresistible food and drinks in idyllic settings.
The name SPICE BEACH CLUB signifies much more than the spices used in cooking, once at SPICE BEACH CLUB you will forget about your daily chores and indulge in the fantastic facilities, ambience and unique feel enhancing your day to day life” it’s the “SPICE way of life…”.

We firmly believe that Bonaire is eager for a new destination which will give the residents and tourists alike the possibility to savor some great food and beverage in majestic surroundings”.

Keep an eye on further development and look at the SPICE BEACH CLUB web site on as the setting up and construction is taking place. Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations is a booking vacations to Eden Beach. Email

Sunset From Eden Beach