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Kitemanera – Kite Surfing Fun Event

February 19, 2016

It’s  on, Kitemanera, a fun and freaky kitesurf event slated for March 19 and 20th.  The event, limited to 100 slots has 20 openings for competitors so sign up today.   There are great prizes and lots of fun.  This non profit event has gained popularity in the South American and Caribbean community thanks to a great format and super organization.

To book your accommodations for Kitemanera, contact She has the insight into the closest and best accommodations near kite beach, Atlantis.

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Rainy Season

November 27, 2011

When booking vacations to the Caribbean, many clients ask me, “When is it rainy season”. Unlike the Eastern Caribbean, Bonaire has a very low average rainfall, about 16 inches a year. Most of our rain falls in the Oct.- Feb. timeframe. Some years I can recall hardly any rain and others, a lot. For about 6 weeks we have had tremendous rainfall which is great for the plants and the critters on island. This week, it was quite something. Enjoy a few photos of my yard. The ground is so saturated, I am growing mushrooms, something I have never seen.

I am pretty much a weather junkie so pop a question anytime about the weather. Remember, Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt and is pretty much a dry island so if you see a rain free vacation in the Caribbean, look no more. Just be forewarned it can be rainy during the fall to early winter months.

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Weather Info and Tidbits

July 6, 2011

Bonaire is in a chain of 3 islands outside the hurricane belt. Bonaire enjoys a healthy dose of trade winds making for perfect windsurf conditions. The past three weeks have featured stellar winds most suited for freestyle and bump and jump sailing. Of course the island offers over 80 shore dive sites for the dive enthusiast. The near perfect weather can be monitored on

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Weather News

July 4, 2009

Well, once again, nailed their forecast. As promised major heavy duty rain fell in Bonaire late yesterday afternoon. The winds were gale force and the amount of rain was substantial. My rain barrel filled up and the yard was full of massive puddles. Prior to this, we lost power in the Belnem area. I am not sure about other areas. I sat with the doggies outside on the covered patio with a sweatshirt on and read with a flashlight. Finished Sky Burial, a story about Tibet. FANTASTIC. The winds are strong today but there are puffy clouds with peaking sun.