What To Do In Light Wind

One of the most often asked question I get as a windsurf travel specialist is, “when is it windy in Bonaire”.  Who knows, right? Sometimes to illustrate the answer I explain that I once was skunked in The Gorge (when I was there with my Bonaire buddies Tonky and Ro).  The real answer is Nov. – July our winds are best but we can have a wicked windy Sept. and a dead lull in January. It’s a bummer to book a week holiday and have light winds, I know. Never fear, a real windsurfer will find something to do on the water when the winds are light. Here is a little video of one sailor who makes it work no matter what Mother Nature Offers. Meet Caesar Finies, our light wind wiz. Caesar is my hero.

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3 Responses to “What To Do In Light Wind”

  1. Carlea Says:

    I love this video! Amazing.

  2. Carlea Says:

    Oh, we will. We’ve come up short the last couple of years on anything big. I don’t think we saw a single ray last year. The only time we saw them the year before was when we dove with Larry. I’m jealous of the folks who spot the dolphins and the sharks!

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