Abandoned Beauty: Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Amazing Bonaire Perspective

Delicious Excursions

I recently just got back from my annual Christmas trip to Bonaire, and when I mean recently, it was actually three weeks ago. But in all honesty, my mind is still kind of on vacation mode.

During the last couple days of my vacation, I discovered an abandoned shrimp farm while touring the southern part of the island. I’d driven by the building many times before but never considered going in. Now the shrimp farm was used to export shrimp from the island, but it has long been completely empty, with just the remains of what used to be. You know me with my love of run down, deserted buildings, I just had to check it out. It turned out to be photographic magic for me! There’s something so beautiful about pure chaos…


Like what you see? Don’t worry, there will be plenty more posts about Bonaire in the future!

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